astroid near Luna that was being prepared for possible colonizationif Earth would happen to be unhabitable some day. The head of this project, Joe Decker,has gone rogue and is now planning to construct a super satelite out of it. Worse, he is alsoconstructing a four kiloton retro rocket and is bringing the astroid into an unstable orbit.Your mission is to enter the astroid through a portal and stop Joe Decker.Developer description.

Six months ago a cosmic colletion in the aquarius astroid belt caused a utopia style astroid to inter earth orbit,and gently parked itself behind the moon. Heading off the project to study its composition was intells ownJoe vitelle decker. It was desided to use it as a falesafe should something happen to earth.hundreds have been hiredconstruction has deen going well to copy earth. So well it has the same problems as earth including hautings. Unfortunetly a unthinkable event has occured. Joe decker has let power and resourses go to his head. He has nowgone rouge. Reports are that he is turning it into a military satelite. Whats worse he has built a four hunderedton retro rocket and plains on moving the astroid out from behind the moon so that it would be impossiableto attack it without him knowing. It can be easly defended.The new posistion would make it easy to attack earth.The problem does not stop there Joe has calulated the new postion to bring it into a safe and stable orbit.Intell has his calulation to be wrong dead wrong. Intell has calulated the new position to be to tight, the astroidsorbit will deteriorate and it will spiro down on earth in less than four months.The siduation is dire. Jack carver hasbeen sent in to take out one of intells own, there own comander and chief. Intell will have jack on the astroidin four hours through a back open portal.

Staff description.This is another superb mission by rll. The great amounts of work and detail put into it speaks for itself.You will really feel like wandering through an converted astroid while fighting off soldiers and mutants.There is a lot to see on this map, and a look around is worth it. It is obvious that the developer has put a lot of effort into this map, and it has not gone to waste.Just like all the other maps made by this developer, it has an astonishing quality and is really fun to play.If you like the other Maps by rll, you will also like this map. If you haven't played any of rll's maps yet, it is now the best time to try.


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