You get more then you bargain for with this download...we have, for you today, a 2 for 1 deal! You get two great maps in one download, Deepc...


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You get more then you bargain for with this download...we have, for you today, a 2 for 1 deal! You get two great maps in one download, Deepcover and Deepcover 2. These maps are a change from what your're used to in Far Cry, for instance, there is no more tracking of the mercs...which forces you to be more cautious, and brings the game to a new level of realism.

See the readme for more information and installation instructions.

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Download 'spmaps.zip' (28.28MB)

2 part sp map.Hundreds of realistic,untrackable,and trigger happy,but innaccurate mercs-Use your alert meter,good vantage points,hearing,and speed to survive.Deep undergrowth,and a large underground complex.And some hopefully(!) thorough ingame instructions.

"deepcover"- single player map for Far Cry

This map was tested on a Athlon64 3200,with a Radeon X800XL graphics card at 1280 X 1024.I cannot guarantee that the level will play as intended on all of the wide variety of PCs out there.As the writer of the level,I know all the hazards,and I also play it as it was intended to be played-I would be interested to know how others cope with the surprises,and if they find unanticipated bugs.


Unzip the file and copy the folders deepcover and deepcover2 to your far cry levels folder,which is usually located at 

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Levels\"


Load Far Cry and call up the console with the " ` " key (next to " 1 " on my UK keyboard) and type in 

\map deepcover


A very long valley populated by hundreds of mercs and mutants,plus a dozen fortified sites,lie between Jack and his destination-a research base on the top of a mountain.

One of the main differences between single player and multi player games is that once detected,AI opponents can be tracked on radar.This makes the game unrealistic and not as satisfying to play (for me at least) as it should be.In this map there`s no tracking,and AIs can only be detected by the alert meter and by the noise they make-These AIs walk,radio,and fire often,and quite innaccurately (much more so that usual) just like real players.The AIs have the advantage of cover,whilst the player has to rely on better sight range,mobility,and hearing.

I have spent a while trying to get the ingame instructions right-There`s some unique ingame assistance if you go wrong.


This map was written entirely by me,Gary Fowler,and I can be located at



Retreat if your alert meter goes red and you can`t see the enemy.

Try to find a place with a good line of sight to pick off AIs.

Move after a kill-AIs are attracted to the noise.Running is sometimes the best option.


There is a bit of judder when going inside,and when doors open and close-but none are in particularly critical areas.Try with shadows off if things get a little pedestrian.I had to split the level in to two parts-this helped a lot.

Dopey helicopters-they don`t seem to want to return to base when disabled. 

Dopey boats-don`t always patrol when they should.

Holographic trees-They`re there but you can walk through them-Too much work to attempt to correct a widespread,but small problem.

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