This is an experimental MOD conversion to single player of a multiplayer map by Captain Amerika, which kindly gave his permission for...


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This is an experimental MOD conversion to single player of a multiplayer map by Captain Amerika, which kindly gave his permission for chimella to use; Also, thanks goes to OT2K for allowing chimella to use his excellent skins (camo uniforms) A neat feature of this conversion mod is the change made to the mp5...There is a fictional upgrade made, As well as it will also fire in water; You start off with the normal mp5, they look identical, and you can carry both.

Enjoy this mod, and share your thoughts.

Refer to the ReadMe for more information, and permissions/credits.

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Download 'subterfuge_v6.rar' (13.07MB)

Extract the folder and put it into your Far Cry Mods folder (not the Levels folder this will not work!)
Start Far Cry and at the Main menu choose the Mods option, then on the right highlight the game and click the Load Mod button
Far Cry will then restart and at the main menu click Start Subterfuge
The mod does not change or overwrite any of your Far Cry installation files
To reload checkpoints from an earlier game you will need to go through the loadscreen first

Just delete the folder from the Mods folder

To replay the Endgame level at a later time. Start Subterfuge, once loaded open the console and type
[backslash]map endgame

This game has been beta tested but any Bugs/problems or if you just need help email me chimella@talk21 (dot) com

Tips: This game is very challenging, suggestion is that if you are killed more than 3 times before reaching 1st objective you should restart on Easy.

Other things I'm doing and strategy guides (eventually) for my games can be found at

Original multiplayer map Blood by Captain Amerika
Skins by OT2K
Creation date: 04.05.2004
Thanks to Skript and Michael Kosmatka for beta testing

By downloading and using this game you agree to the following:
That the author(s) of this game are in no way responsible for loss or damage arising from the use or abuse of this game
That you are allowed to distribute this game freely but without charge
Any modifications of the game and/or any charge levied for distributing the game should not be done without the author's permission

Thank you

chimella@talk21 (dot) com

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