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Here is the first trailer showcasing Genome 66's new mod; The first, in what is hoped to be 7 levels (time permitting with school and real life...) takes place onboard a space station. The action we all know and love will still be there, so when you don your space boots, don't forget your weapons! This trailer is done on medium resolution, to keep the size down, but it still looks good, and from what is seen in this clip, the mod itself shows lots of promise and as well as a cool concept!

With the move away from the tropical island scenery, anything can be possible, and the only limits will be that of the imagination.

There will be a new vehicle the plantery buggy but its not what you think, its actually a normal buggy with some pimped up space bits and a green neon light. It looks cool though.

...Can't wait to get behind the wheel of this brute!

Looks like you're off to a great start! :thumbsup: Good job thus far G66!



OK theres a trailer coming out very soon for my new mod (it episodic this is the first level) this is not representitive of the final level but you'll get the picture. Nice explosion at the end too - Made my pc lag like hell (guess thats what happens when you phisicalise half your level then blow it up hehehe.)

Genome 66 - Slay on

Download, extract and play.

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