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The latest and greatest from Threeup is now available for your gaming pleasure, in EXE format! Tacto is a multiplayer mod that has brand ne...


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The latest and greatest from Threeup is now available for your gaming pleasure, in EXE format! Tacto is a multiplayer mod that has brand new game play, and will definately enhance your gaming experience! There are four different gametypes available:

  • Plunder:
    • A game similar to capture the flag with multiple flags. The objective is to horde all the gold peices at one's own flag. The gold can be picked up from the enemy flag or from the ground. If killed while carrying the gold, the gold will fall to the ground. Gold carriers will be highlighted on the radar. The flag points can be found by faint but constant pulses on the radar.
  • King:
    • A game that promotes survival and teamwork The objective is to eliminate all the enemy kings. At the start of the match all players are kings and will lose their crown if they fail to record a kill before the timer runs to zero or if they die. If there are only a few kings on one's own team, protection and health for the king(s) should be a priority
  • Assault:
    • The standard game
  • Annihilation:
    • A modifier to any game that will kick anyone with too many deaths into spectator to watch the rest of the game.

There are also two classes available:

  • Hutacto:
    • Player classes revolving around humans and realistic weaponry
  • Mutacto:
    • Player classes with fun crazy mutants and wild diversity

Tacto has new player models, vehicles, skins, game types, classes, guns, grenades, support equipment, interface, music, and most importantly, fresh new gameplay.

The Features available are:

  • New game type, Plunder: Steal the gold. Objective is to horde all the gold at one's own flag by stealing it from the enemy.
  • New game type, Survival: Long live the King. Players lose their crown by dieing or not killing before timer expires. Objective is to eliminate all enemy kings
  • New game type, Annihilation. Objective is to eliminate all opponents. Each player has set number of lives.
  • Existing gametype, Assault. One side conquers a flag while the other defends it.
  • Complex weapon weight system
    • Speed is based on class's basespeed, strength, and weight of equipment
  • Custom menu music, event sounds and killing spree sounds "Unstoppable..."
  • Fast drivable vehicles
  • Customized fall damage per class
  • 2 sets of classes, each with 8 classes.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'tactov16.exe' (11.98MB)

Install by running the executable and point to your far cry directory. Then double click shortcut in desktop or navigate to
Far Cry/Mods/tacto/tacto.cmd

Note that no existing far cry data will be overwritten and the original game should not be affected. The installer adds some files to the Far Cry root as well as the Far Cry/Mods directory which do not affect gameplay.


Game types and class definitions can be voted on by pressing console then typing:

    \callvote plunder
    \callvote king
    \callvote assault
    \callvote hutacto
    \callvote mutacto

All other players can vote yes by pressing console (the ` key next to the 1 key) then typing:

    \vote yes

Server guide:




    gr_classdef (0-1) the class definitions: 0 = humans 1 = mutants/humans

    gr_gamepermap X = the number of full games before rotating to next map

    gr_fortscorestart X = the number of peices of gold at each teams flag to being the plunder game

    gr_fortscoreend X = the number of peices of gold required to achieve total victory

    gr_currFlag X (1-3) the current flag of focus, used in king and plunder

    gr_KingTimer X = the number of seconds before the king loses their crown

    gr_KingTimerUpd X = the frequency of updating the king timer (causes lag maybe?)

    gr_quickspawn (0-1) = for assault mode: 1 = attackers spawn quickly, 0 = attackers wait for spawn cycle

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