The Wages Of Fear



From the same school that brought us the students that created The Dirty Racer Mod, comes the developers of this mod; Wages of Fear is an arcade style driving game that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! You may recognize this file, or even already have it, as it is an older release, however, it is not one that is widely available...

The mod itself is a simple one to play, however, it requires a lot of concentration from you, as you will be driving a hummer loaded with Nitroglycerine through a fun-filled level; The trick is, that you have to do this without shaking the nitro too much, as it is generally unstable, and if you're too close to it when it gets shaken, pieces of you end up everywhere.

Don't download this file and think it's going to be just another racing map, there are a lot of places in this map that require skill and patience; there are a few places that are tough to get through

So, put on your racing gloves, grab your fire extinguisher, and strap on the seatbelt!



The Picasso team is proud to present a Mod named "The Wages Of Fear" an adaptation of the old french movie by H.G Clouzot.

This mod was realized for a class exercise (We're student of a french videogame school named Supinfogame) by 6 person in 5 days so it contains only one map.

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