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Tiradentes Mod, (or Tmod) is all about adding replay value to the Far Cry multiplayer game. In an effort to restore the mp community,...


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Tiradentes Mod, (or Tmod) is all about adding replay value to the Far Cry multiplayer game. In an effort to restore the mp community, tmod was created. Tmod adds many new weapons, vehicles, firemodes, firing sounds, a few new textures (nothing unrealistic) many new entities that expand the multiplayer experience including an entity that makes physics work, and possibly dynamic physicalized weapons in multiplayer. According to the developer, there is going to be a singleplayer gamemode created as well.

Additional weapon that are available include: Bernelle M3 Beretta (redone) Dual MP7's Glock 17 Pump-action shotgun Silenced P99

Additional vehicles list: (working) ox_Azimut68 ox_Mercedes This mod looks to add a lot of fun back into Far Cry, and is a welcome sight to the Far Cry community! Tmod has a lot of new objects in it, that makes it different from the norm...judging by what has been put into this mod, it will definately change your Far Cry gaming experience for the better! This mod is available so that you can form your own opinions, and experience the gameplay for yourselves.

The developer would like to know what you think, constructive critisism is welcome.

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Download 'tmod_1.0_installer.rar' (137.23MB)

Tmod is all about adding new content and new features. There is no story, but there is going to be an addition to single-player mode for Far Cry at some point. Currently, I have a completely new main menu made, a few weapons and vehicles added, and custom scripting and sounds for some of them.

Complete additional weapon list:
Benelli M3
Beretta (redone)
Dual MP7's
Glock 17
Micro uzi (redone)
MP5K (redone with single and burst fire added)
Pump-action shotgun
Silenced P99
Steyr Aug (redone)
Maybe another from Matto that I won't name here.

Complete additional vehicles list: (working)

Other entities: (working)
Entity Expansion Pack 2.0 (includes vehicle realism, nitro, etc)
Entity Expansion Pack 2.1 (includes pit stop, fuel guage, speedometer, etc.)
MP physics entity

Complete new features list: (working)
Button to toggle screenshot mode
control for HDR in video options
64-bit ecu content added (works with 32-bit)

Complete new features list: (not working)
Tmod Extras
Weapon Options
XTv3 client and server built in

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