Tuesday & Ark Mod



For every gamer out there that drools for a bit of adventure, and puzzel solving...this download is for you! If you've already seen the trailer, then no doubrt you've been waiting for this total conversion mod to be available to you, and here it is...

Here is on_theledge's mod Tuesday & Ark; This total conversion mod is full of beautiful landscapes, great cutscenes, nice models and interesting game design. Be sure to hve a look, you won't be dissapointed!

The aim of this project is to demonstrate a possible solution to creating emotion and immersion in video games through the use of visual and audio means, without the traditional use of dialogue.

The game centres around the relationship between a boy and a girl, with the boy taking the role as a game avatar, guiding the player through the world.

As the game progresses the avatar's involvement in the story increases, adding to the emotional immersion of the player. As the characters' relationship strengthens, new possibilities become available, almost like leveling up, and the characters gain new abilities.

The exploration of the space reveals the story of the world, and so becomes an inherent part of the narrative, potentially engaging the user further and increasing their emotional involvement.



To complete project took about 6 months full time, and was a bit of stressful experience.

At the time when I started was originally using the unreal 2004 engine but Cryengine just looked so much sexier.

The cryengine sdk hadnt even came out, so time was runnig out of time and I didnt even now which engine I was going to use.

Thankfully the sdk came out just before second semister started and I had to learn the whole sdk export process for farcry. 

I set up a camera and tripod and recoreded myself from various orthographic views, Im 6 foot 2 so this was kind of awkward for acting as kids.

I imported this movement into Maya and used it as a movie image plan and basically rotoscoped the movements
for the genral timeing and postioning, finally I cleaned it up into loops and added little nuances.

-The characters where all custoim rigs with a bone facial animation system.

- all the modelling was done in maya also.
- texturing photoshop in photoshop

-yes i was the only person on the project.

The game mod is actually designed to be like a pilot episode in that it is only about 30 mins of gameplay and to give an impression of what the finally game would be like. so to finish the whole thing im not sure i havnt thougt of the total scope?


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