Tweaker Coast

Once you extract this map, you'll notice that you have two folders...tweaker_coast and tweaker_coast_p2, this is because this...


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Once you extract this map, you'll notice that you have two folders...tweaker_coast and tweaker_coast_p2, this is because this map comes in 2 parts, there is an inside level and an outside level...something for every avid Far Cry gamer! Both parts of this map are excellent, the eye candy is impresssive, and you will be amazed outstanding workmanship. You'll also enjoy all the little 'realisms' that you will find throughout, I won't spoil anything by listing them here, but, I will let you know that there are no healthpacks to be found...instead, you need to be on the lookout for food items and soda cans to get your health back may come across the odd beer bottle to, this will also help.

The main objective of this map...other then staying alive and making everyone else dead, is to destroy the meth operation; If this sounds easy, and beneath the challenge you are accustomed to, then be prepared to be proveven wrong!

Sadly, word through the grapevine is that this will be sniper's last map, this is indeed sad news as his creations are a definate must-play! He says that he lost interest in map making, hopefully, this is just a short lived break, and nothing permanant; We wish the best of luck to you and hope for a change in heart, as your hard work will be missed by all.

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Download 'tweaker_coast.rar' (52.55MB)

Tweaker Cost single player map for far cry
By: Sniper/

To play the level, start Far Cry, hit the console key (`) and type "\map tweaker_coast" (without the quotes).
After you extract the zip file in your levels folder you must remove the 2 level folders from the main folder
Tweaker_coast and tweaker_coastp2
Things to know:
There are no health packs! instead there are food, soda, cans, and beer bottles for health. Empty plates are not food!!

Both levels need to be in your levels folder to work properly.
Known bugs:
In the first cutscene jack holds up a pda cell phone device but for some reason it doesnt show up i gave up on fixing that bug

It work at first just fine then it stopped showing it???

There is some slowdown in the big fuel room.

There are some flashing lights in some rooms cant seem to fix that it just might be my video card.

Also when u reload after dying for some reason the ambient sounds and rain is gone cant figure that one out either.

Other than that whatever bugs u find let me know so i can fix them.

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