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The year is 2055 In the face of widespread civil unrest and rebellion, the dictatorship of Alvastan, decides to emulate the e...


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The year is 2055 In the face of widespread civil unrest and rebellion, the dictatorship of Alvastan, decides to emulate the emperors of ancient Rome, and bring back the updated version of the gladiatorial games to calm and entertain the angry mob:

Ultraball is born. A brutal, full contact ball-game with platers taken directly out of the overfilled jails, political prisoners fight alongside murderers and petty theives to win the ultamate prize of the Ultraball League: Freedom. -Ultaball Mod homepage

This is a great mod for anybody that wants a break from the regular shoot-em-up game play! See the readme for more information on this mod and instructions on how to play.

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Download 'ultraball_0.1.exe' (41.76MB)

Ultraball 0.1 for FarCry; 5.5.2005
Remember that you need to have FarCry patched to version 1.31 to play.


Run the installer, point it at your FarCry mods directory, that's it. Run the mod either through the menu, or by making a shortcut with the parameter -MOD:ultraball (eg. "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -MOD:ultraball) at the end. 
There's an Ultraball icon in the Ultraball folder.

How to play:

The rules of Ultraball are simple:
There are two teams, blue and red.
The ball spawns in the middle of the playing field, and you have to get it into the other teams goal, you can pick up the ball by running into it, and throw it by pressing your "throw ball" button (default: right mouse).
As Ultraball is not a sport with a very strict ruleset, players are allowed to beat each other up to gain the ball, all characters can attack in melee using their fists. If you'r red health bar reaches zero, you are knocked out, and drop the ball. You are then returned to the locker room with full health after a recovery period.
You also have the option to run faster for a short while, this is done by pressing your "sprint" button (default: shift). As you sprint your blue stamina bar will go down, and you will have to wait for it to refill before you can sprint again.

Character selection:

There are four characters in Ultraball, when joining a server you will be asked to pick one. Each team can only have one goalie.
Each character has he's own strengths and weaknesses:

The Attacker is the fastest of all the players, he also has the fastest and longest sprint. He pays for this by being extremely weak in combat, with low damage resistance and little abillity to do damage. He has a short throw.

The Midfielder is the "jack-of-all-trades", he has medium health, speed, stamina, damage and throwing distance.

The Defender is the heavy combat oriented character. He does formidable damage, and can take a lot of punishment. 
He's achilles heel is ofcourse his slow speed and low stamina. He is not left chanceless when dealing with faster 
players though, as hes sprint, although short, is as fast as the attakers, allowing him to "burst" into passing players
if timed correctly. The defender has a short throw.

The Goalie is the most specialized character in Ultraball, and is focused on stopping attacks that manage to bypass defensive lines, and passing the ball downfield to attacking players. The goalie has medium fighting skills, and can take allmost as much damage as a defender. He's sprint is very weak, and he's movement speed slow, but he compensates by being equipped with the "Mk-82", an electro shock rifle which fire slow moving taser darts, dealing very little damage, but causing opponents to drop the ball when hit by it. At the same time he has a very long throw, making him perfect for recapturing balls and getting them back in play.

Runnning a server:

Ultraball servers can be run exactly like FarCry ones, with a few limitations:

Total player limit should never be above 12, and team limit never above 6, as current maps does not have spawn points for more.

There should ALWAYS be a timelimit, and NEVER a scorelimit as this is not implemented in the mod.

There is a mapcycle located in: Mods\ultraball\mapcycle

If you are running a non-dedicated server, and wish to play as a player, you should disable the mapcycle, as this will often make the game crash.

Contacting us:

Developers		Team Brutal Debugz
Webpage			http://ultraball.web.surftown.dk

Team members:

Rune Brimer		[email protected]
Michael Schierup	[email protected]
Michael Rud		[email protected]
Nicholas Zimmerman	[email protected]

Copyright by Team Brutal Debugz 2004-2005

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