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Far Cry Tired of the trees in FarCry?

Are you looking for a different atmosphere for your Far Cry gaming experience? Would you like to create a map, but have it take place somewheres other then the jungle? If you answered yes to the first question, then your wait is almost over. If you answered yes to the second question, then you...


Far Cry SP Map Pack under way!

Hello everyone. This is a quick update to my recently mentioned news about the c.a. 600 MB large SP mappack. I will need about one further day for fixing a slight FTP bug, then you will be provided with almost 600 MB of completly new Single Player maps for your enjoyment. Stay tuned :)


Far Cry First real user-review, check it out!

Hello everyone, Today when I checked out the Forums I stumbled over the first real user-written file-review that I have ever seen in the five years that I am a member of this network. I liked it so much that I thought it would be worth to be posted up. The reviewed file is the SP Missile Attack...


Far Cry FarCry SDK is out!!

The long awaited SDK has finally been released, it's available for download here http://farcry.filefront.com/file/CryENGINE_MOD_SDK;28902 be sure to check it out, and put together a good mod for all the FarCry gamers :D