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Far Cry Bacardi Map Preview

B52elke has submitted a preview video of his Far Cry TDM/FFA map "Bacardi". Graphics look pretty good, to view the video please click on the following link: http://media.putfile.com/Bacardi_the_map. You can find the Bacardi map here: http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Bacardi;60935


Far Cry "Mischief in Paradise" SP released as Open Source!

This is a good news/bad news article. The bad news is that the maker of Mischief in Paradise, kosmatka has decided not to persue this Single Player venture...the good news is (thanks to pissdrunx1987 for contacting him on this) that he has decided to release it as an Open Source! 'Mischief in Paradise' is a custom single player map utilizing Crytek's Far...


Far Cry Springcreature Far Cry Map Pack

The Springcreature Clan is pleased as punch to deliver the Springcreature Far Cry Map Pack for your Far Cry online gaming enjoyment. Big, fat, and full of fragging goodness, this map pack delivers some of the best custom Far Cry multiplayer maps to date from the guys at . We think every Far Cry player will find a map they will enjoy here. We've got big wi...


Far Cry Upcoming Island Map

craftsman550 has been working on an island map for Farcry. He's posted up alot of screenshots from the start of his map but hes not sure when the map will be completed because he's also working on other maps as well. I've added 6 screenshots below for us to see. You can find out more information about this map here.


Far Cry Upcoming Map

Crazyhooker has also been posting progress on his map at the Official farcry forums. Here's what he said: Well I've seen quite a few people posting their works in progress so I figured I would post a few screens of what I have been working on for the past two months. It was originaly supposed to be a 1 mission single player map but now it looks like it w...


Far Cry Mars based map!

Scremin_Memes from the Official farcry forums has been working on a map with a mars theme. Here's what he said about it: I was just messing around in the editor with the different textures and thought, wow some of these look like they would make a good Mars map, so after 6 hours of work and learning some new tricks (like getting the sky that red color) he...


Far Cry Four New Maps Added To Download Section

We've got four new Far Cry maps for you this fine Tuesday morning. Check them out: MP_Ruin Monkey Bay Storm MP Rock (1.10) Oil Rig Do you have maps or other Far Cry related files you want to share with the community? Head on over here and send the file to one of our File Posters.