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Far Cry Comments

Ok guys I've watched this some time now, and I have to say it is really a shame that we still have some little children here who simply can't and don't want to behave, especially in the POTD section. Rule #4 clearly says that we do not tolerate any cursing or swear words, so what is so hard to under...


Far Cry More staff is needed

Im looking for a few more dedicated staffers since the staff list is really short : 2-3 File posters 2 news posters If you have any previous experience with OPS makes my work much easier ;) For those of you who dont work on a FN site and wish to join FCfiles email me or add my on your...


Far Cry Cannot add POTD

Since the OPS databes just got moved and we couldent have done any work for a month the connection with the database sure runs faster but we cant add potds on any Filesnetwork sites so please wait a day or two before going crazy like the staff :D


Far Cry Looking for new staff

FCfiles is looking for dedicated staff members to edit and upload file to the site . If anyone is interested in beiing the file poster contact me on this email : [email protected] To qualify you need to : -know the basics of HTML code -be online at least 20 hours a week -...


Far Cry New Co-Site Administrator

I just joined FarCryFiles to bring the site back up to speed :) i already work at d3files as a Co-Site Admin and im not a totall "noob" . :D If you want any files to get posted on the site email us and include : Readme Screenshot Auothor Name If you dont include the listed above the file...


Far Cry Pictures for POTD needed!!

We're down to our last picture for POTD, so if you have any please submit them HERE... Thanks!!


Far Cry Site position

We here at FarCryFiles.com are looking for a few people to add to our great staff. The main requirement being we need somebody who can read write german and english, fairly well, since alot of FarCry stuff is in german. If you are interested in being apart of FarCryFiles and meet our requirement pl...


Far Cry FarCryFiles added to 2 top 100 sites, please give us a vote.

Hey guys/gals I have added us to 2 top 100 sites please click the links below and help us move up the ranks.


Far Cry Get Hosted For Free!

We here at FarCryFiles offer awesome hosting for any and all mods/mappers interested. Are you creating a mod? Are you a hardcore mapper, modeler or skinner? Do you need a place to call home? Well FarCryFiles.com would love to provide it!!! INTRODUCING our Hosting Service, where you can hos...


Far Cry Picture Of The Day

Hi everyone POTD is wearing a bit thin, We only have one picture that has been submited and not posted on the site. We at FarCry Files would love you guys to send pictures related to the game or screenshots from ingame funny or not ( but not pointless pictures ).


Far Cry Community update!!

Hey everyone we now have our entire news and file submitting online, so if you have news and or files or you just wanna talk to the team send us an email and we will do our best to get it dealt with. Here is the info: For any news submission: [email protected] For any file submissions: [email protected]


Far Cry Urgent Appeal for POTD submissions

Hi it’s Alantus this is an urgent appeal for POTD submissions Please send them in cause were down to our last one Since were down to the last POTD whom ever submits one most likely Their submision shot will be shown, please send some in Thanks Alantus


Far Cry Stealing has huge consequences

It has come to my attention that SOME members and you know whom you are! Are stealing form other computer games EG: BF - 1942 IF ANY one else steals form ANY author or Company WILL be treated Harshly their passwords, usernames will Be wiped out, and your IP’s blocked you WILL get your self (s)...