[FIFA 12] Paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod



Paulv2k4s FIFA 12 Gameplay Patch

This gameplay patch has been designed and tested for Career mode gaming but can be used with other modes too. This is a personal little mod derived from Fidels and Regularcats attempts at achieving a better game (and succeeding). The key difference is I do not change any attributes/stats or team styles, just the way the game plays and how the AI approaches it.

[Install] Extract Zip to FIFA 12 Folder (Not the Game folder) Rebuild files using Fifa 12 i68Regenerator (found here)


This mod will replace all other AI specific mods but not the databases (db files) This mod is compatible with all saved career modes This mod is compatible with all single-player game modes.


[Gameplay] -- Version 1.2 FIXED bug with celebrations. The right-stick flick is not so powerful. The ball speed has decreased but you still can get past slow players. Tweaked ball speed so shots are not so overpowered in some situations. CPU defending is better at blocking shots and passes. CPU defending is more aggressive. -- Version 1.1 The ball is faster, looser and bouncier. In turn the spin modifier has been decreased. The tactics and mentality have been fixed and utilized. -- Version 1.0 No changes to player stats, no false improvements to AI. Fight and battle for the ball, feel the strength and pace of each player. Feel the game change as players improve when in form and decline when rattled. Improved AI understanding of the pitch. More aggressive attacking of space and full backs overlap. Players look for space to take long shots. Difficulty is no longer changed depending on AI team rating, a totally fair game. Very harsh game/match rating system, inspired from Football Manager.

[Career] -- Version 1.2 Players attributes will no longer decrease at an old age if the player is still playing well ( => 6 rating ) but if they play poorly they will decrease faster. -- Version 1.1 AI teams now only try to improve the core of the squad by looking at their 5 best players and then making an informed decision. -- Version 1.0 AI teams look more specifically for players they desperately need rather than needlessly buying. Players who are in the first team are now more expensive. Transfer listed players can be obtained for cheaper. Youth team players can now have 99 Potential. Youth team players can now be young as 13. Youth team players initial ratings can now be higher than 80. (rare)

[My Thanks and Respects To (CREDITS)] Fidel and Regularcat who provided their own gameplay patches. My friends who helped test these values and see some serious bugs along our career game. Iard68 for the i68Regenerator [Discuss] You can input what you feel is needed or report bugs here. http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=175064


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