FIFA 2000 Patch 1 (UK Speech)



The first official patch for FIFA 2000, which replaces US English speech with UK English one.



FIFA 2000 UK Speech Patch
November 25, 1999

Installing the Patch
When you exit Notepad, you will be asked if you wish to
continue installing the speech patch. If you choose to
continue, the UK speech data will be automatically placed
in your FIFA 2000 install folder, and will be used when
you next run the game.

Hard Drive Space Requirements
Due to the large size of audio files, the speech data
requires a large amount of hard drive space. During
installation of the speech patch, even more space is
temporarily required. The patch file itself takes 92M.
As the patch is installing, the data is unzipped to a
temporary folder, which uses an additional 98M. Finally,
the data is copied into the install folder, using
another 98M.
        So during installation of the patch, a total
of 288M of hard drive space is needed (92M + 98M + 98M).
Once the patch is installed, the temporary data is
deleted automatically and you can manually delete the
92M patch file.

Restoring American Speech
After installing the UK speech, if you prefer to hear
the American speech instead you can use Windows Explorer
to view the FIFA 2000 installation folder, typically
C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 2000. Inside this folder
is a folder called data\audio\spceng, which is where the
speech data is stored. If you rename the "spceng" folder
to "spcsave" then the UK speech data will be saved, but
not used when you run the game. Instead, the game will use
the American speech from the CD. To restore the UK speech
you can simply rename the "spcsave" folder back to "spceng".

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