FIFA 99 Patch

The official patch for FIFA 99 that improves support for Voodoo 2 (Banshee) graphics cards and SoundBlaster Live Environmental Audio.


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The official patch for FIFA 99 that improves support for Voodoo 2 (Banshee) graphics cards and SoundBlaster Live Environmental Audio.

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Download 'fifa99patch.exe' (1.91MB)

February 4,1999

What this patch provides:

3DFX Voodoo 2 and Banshee,
	Voodoo 2 based cards in SLI configurations (2 Voodoo 2 cards in your PC), as well as Banshee
	based cards. These extended features include Higher resolutions, detailed textures, triple 
	buffering (improves framerate), and Trilinear Filtering (Voodoo 2 only).

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live, PCI 128, PCI 64 audio cards,
	Support for Sound Blaster Live Environmental Audio.


1.  Important notices

2.  Installing the patch

3.  Accessing new features
a)  Voodoo2
b)  Creative Labs SB Live

4.  Uninstalling the patch

5. Notes
a)  Problems with Glide 3.x
b)  Problems with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI64 and PCI128



It is very important to download the correct language version of this patch!! FIFA 99 WILL 
NOT RUN if you use an incompatible language version of this patch. Make sure that the 
language version of FIFA 99 and the patch that you downloaded are the same. 

Important notice! If you have a 3DFX Voodoo2 based card and intend to use this Patch, 
please read this notice CAREFULLY!

If you have a Banshee, a single Voodoo2 card or double Voodoo2 card SLI setup you will 
need to check to make sure that you have Glide 3.x enabled for FIFA 99 to run properly 
after using this patch. The following steps will walk you through this process.

Step 1. Right click on your desktop, then left click on the properties option. When the 
Display Properties window opens, click on the tab that indicates "3Dfx Voodoo2",  or the 
name of your particular video card. 

Step 2. Click on the "System Info" button and read the section labled "3Dfx Software Profile".

Step 3. If Glide 3.x is enabled, one of the headings listed under "3Dfx Software Profile" 
should read as follows:

	WinGlide 3.x Driver Version:	3.##			
If this heading is present then continue installing the patch.

If the listing for WinGlide 3.x is not present then Glide 3.x is not enabled. This will 
likely result in the game freezing on a black screen if you use this patch on FIFA 99 
without Glide 3.x enabled.   

If you are unsure then you should discontinue the install process and contact your card 
manufacturer to make certain you have the latest driver for you video card. 

If you choose to continue installing the patch and experince difficulty running the game:

	b) Get the latest drivers from your card manufacturer
	c) Get the latest drivers from 3Dfx (

If you are sure that your drivers are up to date and that Glide 3.x is enabled then you 
should contact Electronic Arts customer service.

If you have installed this patch and are experiencing difficulty and wish to continue 
playing FIFA 99 until you have contacted your card manufacturer, you can uninstall FIFA 99, 
delete the FIFA 99 folder from your hard which will remove the Patch files, then reinstall 
FIFA 99 and continue playing the game until you are certain that Glide 3.x is listed in 
properties under System Info, Software Profile

NOTE: After patch installation, this readme file may be found in the folder in which you 
installed FIFA 99 (named EPREADME.TXT).

2.  Installing the patch

a)  Download the patch to a temporary directory
b)  From Windows Explorer, double-click on the patch and it will automatically install

3.  Accessing new features
a)  Voodoo2

After installing the patch, if you have a Voodoo2 card, additional options should be 
available via the 3DSetup tool installed as part of FIFA 99. The 3DSetup tool may be 
accessed from the Start menu. If you have a Voodoo2, you will now be able to select higher 
resolution gameplay and enable triple-buffering. Note that if you do not have sufficient 
VRAM for the resolution selected, the game will continue to run in the default 640x480 

b)  Creative Labs SB Live
If you have a sound card such as the SB Live that supports the Environmental Audio 
Extensions to Direct Sound, these features will be automatically enabled.

4.  Uninstalling the FIFA 99 Patch

After uninstalling FIFA 99, files added by the patch may not be removed. The uninstaller 
will warn you of this. To remove the files manually, use the Windows Explorer and remove 
the "FIFA 99" folder from "\Program Files\EA SPORTS" directory (or from the installed 
location, if different from the default).

5.  Notes

a)  Problems with Glide3
If you experience graphical corruption in-game with a card that has the Voodoo 2 chipset, 
Run 3D Setup from the Programs/ EA SPORTS/ FIFA 99/ 3D SETUP Turn off "Triple Buffering" 
by de-selecting the Triple Buffering check box. If the graphic corruption continues, you 
may have an incorrect version of the Glide 3.x. driver. Included on the CD are drivers that 
we tested with FIFA 99. To install these drivers, go to your Control Panel and access 
System\Device Manager\Sound, video and game controllers (or Display adapters). Access the 
Driver tab and choose 'Update Driver...'. Choose to let Windows search for a driver, then 
choose 'Other locations...'. Browse the FIFA 99 CD and look for the Setup\3Dfx\Voodoo2 directory. 
Select 'OK', then 'OK' (again), then select 'Finish' to install the drivers. If you are prompted 
to 'Insert Voodoo2 drivers disk for Win 9x', please browse to the above directory again and 
click 'OK'.

b)  Problems with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI64 and PCI128
We have experience sound distortion when using the Environmental Audio Extensions on these 
cards. Updated drivers from Creative Labs may resolve these problems. If you experience 
problems, you can disable the use of Environmental Audio by running FIFA 99 with the command
line option "-ds3d". To do this, right-click on the FIFA 99 icon on your desktop and select 
"Properties". Select the "Shortcut" tab. Add -ds3d to the end of the "Target" string.

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