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We are doing a full clan update and you are invited to join us on xfire. That's right the clan is opening it's xfire doors to non clan members in a attempt to bring all our filefront brothers and sisters closer together for purpose of gaming. We do after all represent one of the biggest gaming networks in the world < last sentense must be spoken like Jeremy Clarkson FileFront Clan Xfire Site

On top of this we are reshuffleing our servers and adding a L4D server for your zombie killing pleasure, Servers and sponsors will be listed at the end of this post.

We are also accepting console gamers to join us. For this you must have a active online account with what ever console you use. You can apply to join the clan or apply to the xfire page and hook up with fellow FF'ers there.

Giz and Mrfancypants would like to let any World of Warcraft players out there that they are running the FileFront section and if you would like to join then either post on the forum or pop them a pm off.

If you wish to speak to us then you can either post here, send a pm, catch us on vent or catch us on TS2. If you would like to speak on either vent or ts2 then send a pm to the person you wish to talk to first so they can do there best to be there.

Servers Provided by

Team Fortress 2 (USA) Call of Duty 4 (USA) Call of Duty 4 (UK) FEAR (UK) The FEAR server will be closing down soon and move to a different game.


Servers Provided by

Enemy Territory (NL) Medal of Honor SH (NL) BF2 FH2 (NL) Call of Duty (NL)

TeamSpeak 2

These servers are subject to change to accomidate a Left 4 Dead Server.

Servers Provided by

Soldier of Fortune 2 (USA)

So visit us on the gaming servers and watch for news here on our site.

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