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Our CoD 4 Servers, Sponsored By
ClanWarz A multiple location provider
The UK and USA server are being updated to include a host of new maps The new maps are
Map Pack 1

mp_backlot_2 mp_backlot_night mp_bunkermayhem mp_burck mp_camp

Map Pack 2

mp_canada mp_darkroom mp_desertfence_beta mp_moh_stalingrad_final mp_offices_v3

Map Pack 3

mp_ogjunkyard mp_parking mp_pk_harbor mp_pst_devilslair mp_pst_hilltofar

Map Pack 4

mp_pst_thedam mp_qmx_matmata mp_rvs_streets_final mp_rvs_streets_night_final mp_subway

Map Pack 5

mp_tlotd_airbase mp_tlotd_the_blood_forest mp_village mp_village_night mp_vok

Map Pack 6

mp_islands mp_matroska mp_sharqi_b1 mp_warehouse mp_ze_spray

Map Pack 7

mp_dog_fight mp_sps_muelles mp_tlotd_compound mp_tlotd_outback mp_tlotd_suez

Map Pack 8

mp_carpark mp_dhc_carentan mp_meanstreet mp_moh_sfrance_b1 mp_sharqiconsite

Map Pack 9

mp_ava_assault mp_city_assault mp_karkand_day mp_karkand_night mp_sharqi_night

Map Pack 10

mp_bacalao mp_bridge mp_heavensource mp_mashtuurcity mp_townville

Map Pack 11

mp_brkout_v2 mp_pursuit mp_rd2 mp_toujane_beta mp_v2_b1

Map Pack 12

mp_hillside mp_projectvalhalla mp_storageyardv2 mp_treasure mp_twin2

All the new maps will be available from our download section shortly along with a new mod for our servers Bothe server are now running Ace mod, Thanks to Clanwarz for all there help today
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