COD4 Scrimmage Weekend Round Two

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Published by Gizmo 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey FF|Clan,

This weekend we're having another COD4 scrimmage with the {Vv} fellows. Last weekend went pretty good, I mean I don't think anyone was really expecting a massive turnout so even having just a few FF|'ers together to frag for a bit was nice. I'm hoping the same people can come back out this weekend and hopefully more.

The first games will begin Saturday, July 5th sometime in the mid-morning/afternoon. I'll be on Xfire, MSN, STEAM (gizm0o) and no doubt the forums, before hand. I'll also be in the {Vv} ventrilo server (see clan forums for more info). Vent isn't required though, so if you don't want to join the voice server, you don't have to. That's totally up to you, but I must add that it's fun, because you can torment and/or taunt S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ;-)

We'll be playing on the {Vv} TDM server, information: The {Vv} TDM server is running the ACE mod, which I'll also post more information about in the clan forums. There are also a few custom maps on the server, so you might want to jump on a head of time and download those files. They're direct download and will download through the game as you try to connect. It didn't take my any longer than five minutes. If you can't get these to work let me know ASAP and I'll work with you to help get them going and you in game.

On Sunday we'll be playing on our very own FF|Clan COD4 TDM USA server: She's vanilla (stock), running at COD4 1.7. We'll be running just a regular TDM or DM. Sametime frame, morning-noon, noon-night.

Questions or comments? See here: FF|Clan Forums Scrim Post and/or reply to this email or make a new:

See you on the battlefield where I will be pwning j0o all!!! (especially S.T.A.L.K.E.R.).

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