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Alrighty people this week we will be abusing the grav gun (What? am I the only one who does?) In the FileFront clans Hl2 week. For anyone who doesn't know what Half Life 2 is all 7 of you Half Life 2 is the sequel to Valves Half Life which received positive reviews all round. Anyway enough of that, down to your mission.

Your mission is Half Life 2 Deathmatch on our lovely server featured below. cstrike2-03.png

Our server is provided by the forum user Shootme and his lovely company over at brandcp1bk8.jpg

Personally I will be hanging around the server now and again due to my love of the grav gun.

But wait I forgot some of you people might not have Half Life 2 Dm well I can sort that problem.

Steam recently gave Nvidia users an offer to download Hl2 DM for free. So here you go. HL2 DM offer

And I know not everyone likes or has an Nvidia card so for anyone who prefers an ATI card. Steam has another offer to download HL2DM HL2 DM offer

Anyway have fun. Enjoy the grav gun. And avoid me if I have a rocket launcher.

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