Brewster Model 239

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used the 364until february of 1943. After Juutilainen transferred to the new Fsq 34 equipped withMe 109G2, BW-364 was given to lieutenant M. Salovaara. After an overhaul at 8.5.44 364 wasassigned to 1/Fsq 26, pilot was lieutenant E. Teromaa. The career of 364 ended at29.7.44 on Tolvajrvi-Loimola area. Four Brewsters of the Fsq 26 fought against 17 P-40's and P-39s, and 364 was shot down. The pilot, commander of Fsq 26. major L. Larjobailed out, but hit the stabilizer and died to his wounds later at the same day.BW-364 achieved 36 confirmed kills, of which 33 with Fsq 24. and 3 with Fsq 26.EINO ILMARI JUUTILAINENBorn: 21.2.1914 in Lieksa. Died: 21.2.1999 in Tuusula. Score: 94 and 1/6 kills in 437 sorties. Warrant officer Juutilainen shot down 28 enemies with BW-364, and he was the highestscoring Finnish ace with 94 confirmed kills, making him also the worlds highestscoring non German ace. Juutilainen was awarded the Mannerheim Order Knight Crosstwice. Mannerheim Cross is about equivalent to CMOH or Victory Cross.No enemy fighter ever scored a single hit into his aircraft!!!More about the man and his career at:http://www.hkkk.fi/~yrjola/war/faf/juutilai.htmlhttp://www.sci.fi/~fta/finace01.htm Double Fighter KnightBy: Ilmari Juutilainen Publisher: Apali OyISBN: 952-5026-04-3In english(www.apali.fi, lots of aviation literature some in english)VISUAL MODELAs I state above, I have used a FSFS AFX by Eric C. Johnson, all honours to him. I have just modified the model to make his F2A-3 more like the export model 239 (US Navy F2A-1). My original ambition was to make a better pilot inside the cabin, but after wrestling with all sorts of 3D-rendering bugs produced by my tampering with FSFS I gave up for now. All remaining visibility bugs are my making, don't blame Eric C. Johnson for them.I am eagerly waiting for the new version of Aircraft Factory to finishthe model. Things to do are:-Better looking canopy and pilot like those in CFS-Ditto with rotating propeller[/quote]


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