Cessna Citation Sovereign

This VJPL production of the Cessna Citation Sovereign comes fully loaded with all the features one could expect of a 16 million dollar busin...

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This VJPL production of the Cessna Citation Sovereign comes fully loaded with all the features one could expect of a 16 million dollar business jet Custom designed to be frame rate friendly using a "Lite" switch that during use in high density scenery hides the passenger cabin in an instant and reduces the load on the computer, further this model performs better in the VC than with the 2D panel in view, interior appointments include a high detail passenger cabin with running water in the lavatory and a flushing toilet, all tables extend for use and include wine for the animated passenger, a functional bar, an operational computer and all cabin doors including closet open and close and leather seating, animated copilot, fully click able Virtual Cockpit animated down to the visors, and custom cabin lighting, the exterior has all control surfaces and exits animated and thrust reverser's. PDF documents for this model include performance data, flight instructions and FMC operations manuel, My thanks to Glenn Copeland for the computer display, the good Friar and all those who helped with specifications and layout.

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Contact info : chuck@westcoastatc.com
Install in FSX Simobjects aircraft
Operating instructions for the VJPL Citation Sovereign .
Take off instructions included in the Docs folder
state the following : flaps 2 notches and adjust
elevator pitch , requires 3,500 feet minimum 
You will find instructions and
performance data in the docs folder .
There is an HUD available on shift 4 for flight data
This model was built with framerates on normal  machines as its prime consideration using XML
code to allow the pilot to reduce the load onscreen
with the square button centered on the 2D and in
the VC as the toggle , mouse over will reveal the text  Framerate Friendly Mode is off or on when
clicked by causing all of the passenger cabin to vanish leaving just the cockpit and in spot view
this replaces the interior with a photo rendition ,
so when in high density scenery or during take off and landing on low end machines i recommend its use .
The textures for the exterior are all on one bitmap
as are the bulk of the interior so that they are
drawn separately depending on the view and
further have been done in such a manner as to 
make repainting this aircraft easy.
The passenger cabin is fitted with a number of
features to click on such as functional doors,
tables that extend , a sink with running water 
and a flush toilet , clothes closet and a computer screen that functions and can be repositioned.
The FS9 panel contains a group of my favorite
third party gauges that no longer function in FSX
while the FSX version uses 100% X version gauges
and other additions so as to have landing lights
in tower and spot views, so there are two versions
of this model , FS9 & FSX do not try to install
the FS9 version into FSX as it will take a fit .
Conversely do not install the FSX version into
FS9 because there will be no gauges on any panel.
This model is to remain freeware and 
is not to be bundled into any payware whatsoever , 
repainters and panel designers can if they wish repackage
this model with their work as long as they include this readme , uploading to other sites besides Avsim is allowed and use of this model is entirely at your own discretion , if you don't like something delete it or fix it... i don't need an inbox filled 
with nitpicks from rivet counters .

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