Douglas DC-4 and C-54

FSX Douglas DC-4 and C-54. This base package includes 13 colour schemes covering the period 1945-2006, including Pan American, SAS, Loftleid...

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File Description

FSX Douglas DC-4 and C-54. This base package includes 13 colour schemes covering the period 1945-2006, including Pan American, SAS, Loftleidir, Buffalo Airways and many others. Version 2 model made for FSX, but it can be used with FS2004.

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FSX Douglas DC-4 and C-54

Models, textures and documentation by Jens B. Kristensen
Flight Dynamics & Pilot's handling notes by FSAviator

This base package includes 13 aircraft, dating from the 
immediate postwar years until today: You can fly planes
from Pan American, Delta, SAS, South African Airways, 
Air France, Qantas, Avianca, Canadian Pacific, Loftleidir, 
Royal Danish Air Force, and Buffalo Airways - one of a 
few companies still flying DC-4's in 2006!

For more details and flying instructions, please see the 
pdf document installed in the 

JBK DC-4 Panel and Docs V2\Manual 



New in this version: 

FS X compatible. More accurate model. Much better virtual cockpit.


*To install for Flight Simulator X: 

Just run the included setup program. 

If you have already tried to install the previous 
FS2004-only version ( in FSX, then uninstall it. 
Go to Windows Control Panel, select Add/Remove programs.

*To install for Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight:

1) Run the included setup program. When you get to the "Destination
Folder" dialog, click the 'Browse' button and locate your
     Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\aircraft

2) Continue the setup!

Important for FS2004 users: If you have the previous versions of my Douglas DC-4
models, you can keep it. The new version will be installed in different
folders. To avoid duplication, you can edit the old aircraft.cfg files to
eliminate the duplicate aircraft. 


A note to repainters:

Two sets of Flight Dynamics are included - one for the 
earlier versions (C-54B, representing the C-54A to E) 
and another for the final C-54G and the postwar production 
DC-4-1009. New paint jobs should be installed in the correct 
folder. I have also included a modified MDL with the longer radar nose
used by many C-54's for your convenience.



The standard DC-3 sounds are used, but we recommend installing 
some more exciting propliner sounds for this aircraft. A good
choice is the propsounds that can be downloaded from 



The gauges are to some extent default gauges of Flight 
Simulator FSX or FS2004, some of them modified by me for four engines. 
Other gauges are by me but with much inspiration from 
standard FS gauges by Microsoft.

The ILS indicator is based on xml code by 
Saviero Maurri (Vickers Varsity panel), bitmaps by me. 

A number of gauges (mostly switches) are, with permission from
Tom Gibson,, based on work by Tom himself, 
Kevin Trinkle, Ernie Kennedy and Ken 'Mitch' Mitchell. I have used 
complete gauges from them (cowl flap switches), or used the 
bitmaps from their c-style gauges and made xml-versions of them. 
In some cases I have modified the bitmaps from information 
in the DC-6 flight manual. Many thanks to Tom & Co. for this. 

Finally, a big 'thank you' to Hans-Joerg Naegele, who gave me 
permission to use gauges from his Lockheed 049 Constellation panel 
(, directly or modified. 



The textures broadly follow the layout of Tom Gibson's paintkit for
Greg Peppers DC-6 model, but they have been almost completely remade by me.

Repainters beware: The model is different from the one I released
for FS2004, so the paint kit I released earlier does not fit completely. 
If you want to repaint this model, use one of the the almost-bare-metal 
planes as your starting point, or email me for more information.


This plane was originally made with FSDS 2.24, this version with FSDS 3.0, 
the textures with Paint Shop Pro and DxtBmp.

It is freeware and must stay that way.

I hope you like this new model of the DC-4!

Jens B. Kristensen, febrary 2007
[email protected]

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