Fieseler Fi.186 C-2

fi186c2.zip —


but fun to fly and a real challenge in a cross wind to land. Normal take off is with one notch of flaps, extremely short take offis two notches.Landing settings on the flaps depends on how short a distance you want to land in, come in low and slow and go to full flaps and brakesat touchdown for short landings. You want to pull back on the stickduring this manuver or its "Mow the Grass" time. Normal landingsshould be with one notch (or none with a contrary wind). The flapson this bird are fun to experiment with in varying conditions. Moreflaps is getting into the "Hover or Stall" mode.It has extremely short take off and an even shorter landing (take offin less than 200' and land in 50' with a head wind! In normal flightits fun to fly and forgiving in most instances. On stalls and spinsjust have plenty of alttitude or its over quick!While I haven't gotten the conditions just right yet myself, the planeis capable of almost hovering in a head wind and the right throttlesettings. I was almost at a hover and slipped sideways and went in!Enjoy it! It has become my "Scenery Touring Plane". [/quote]


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