Flying Scotsman Gift (Playable Game)



This file is a free playable Flying Scotsman game, and is based upon the Railworks engine, however this won't work with the Railworks 2 game itself - its basically a stripped down version of Railworks that will allow you to play with the Flying Scotsman one of the worlds most famous Steam Locomotives from the UK.

Best of all you won't need any game to play this as this is completely standalone!

*This WON'T WORK with Railsimulator, Railworks or Railworks 2 - It is a standalone game*

Wannabe train drivers who long to take to the controls of the world famous Flying Scotsman could have their dream come true this Christmas. The National Railway Museum (NRM) has teamed up with RailSimulator.com to produce a unique virtual Flying Scotsman driving experience for home PCs, available from 20 December 2010 and best of all, its completely FREE!The iconic Flying Scotsman steam locomotive, currently undergoing extensive restoration in the NRM workshop, is the star of this unique free-to-download ultra realistic videogame in which players take control of the iconic locomotive and drive through a beautiful winter landscape.

Drive the world-famous Flying Scotsman in the comfort of your own home!The National Railway Museum and Railworks are proud to bring you this exclusive and ultra-realistic Christmas gift: a FREE train simulator game for your PC where you take the controls of Flying Scotsman. There's no catch: it's a completely free standalone product, our present to you this festive season.Download it now and guide the iconic loco through a fabulous wintry landscape, following the signals and speed limits just like a real train driver as you drop off and pick up passengers. It's a unique opportunity to see, hear and drive Flying Scotsman ahead of her return to the National Railway Museum in 2011.Happy Christmas from all of us at the National Railway Museum.

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