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The A319 is a shortened, minimum change version of the A320. With virtually the same fuel capacity as the A320-200, and fewer passengers, th...


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The A319 is a shortened, minimum change version of the A320. With virtually the same fuel capacity as the A320-200, and fewer passengers, the range with 124 passengers in a two-class configuration extends to 3,600 nautical miles (6,900 km), the highest in its class. The A320 and A319 are the most popular variants of the A320 family. In 2003 easyJet took delivery of A319s with smaller galleys (as easyJet does not serve meals) and 156 seats in a single class configuration. To satisfy evacuation regulations, additional over-wing exits were included.

According to the New York Times, the A319 has been introduced upon request by Steven Udvar-Hazy.

With jet fuel prices rising dramatically, Northwest Airlines is replacing McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft it has had in service for decades, because the A319 is 27% more fuel efficient than the DC-9.

The direct Boeing competitor is the 737-700.

The large easyJet order of 120 A319s plus 120 options was among the biggest aircraft sales deals in recent times, rivaled only by chief competitor Ryanair's order for Boeing 737 aircraft.

It is powered by the same types of engine as the A320. JAA certification and service entry, with Swissair, took place in April 1996. It was the first commercial aircraft to land in Antarctica, on a flight from Australia.

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Download '2a319_volaris.zip' (4.54MB)


---iFDG Airbus A319 Volaris---




iFDG is proud to present the Airbus A319. The aircraft model includes 
most of the standard features including animated control surfaces, wingviews, flaps, full lighting configuration, and highly detailed, reflective textures and tail damaged sticker.


This aircraft is made by iFDG (international Flightsim Design Group),
For more information visit our homepage at http://ifdg.net

Model 		: Albaro Villegas and Ric Barker
FDE  		: Pedro Oliveira
Master textures	: Ben Jones
Testing		: The A319 Beta Team
Livery		: Ben Jones
Documentation	: Albaro Villegas (English)
Translation	: N/A

Repaint		: Francisco Pichardo


- Extract the folder contained in the zip archive into your FS Aircraft folder. The aircraft will be located under the manufacturer "iFDG Airbus".

- Copy all files in the EFFECTS folder into your Flight Simulator EFFECTS folder.

If you want to have the sticker tail damaged:

- Copy th file VStab.bmp from the DamagedSticker folder.

- Paste it in the texture.volaris folder. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE ORIGINAL VSTAB, MAKE A BACKUP!



Shift+E+1 - Opens L1 door
Shift+E+2 - Opens other cabin doors
Tailhook  - Opens cargo doors



- You must use the paint-kit to create any repaints of the A319! 

- You may paint the A319 (USING THE PAINT KIT) in any livery, real or fictional.

- You may upload your repaint as AN ENTIRELY FUNCTIONAL PACKAGE (no "textures only!") anywhere you want. You must include this readme, but modify the LIVERY line to reflect your authorship. If you using another author's textures, be sure to obtain their permission, and acknowledge them properly.

- Please visit our forum (url at the bottom of this readme) and inform us of your repaint by posting in the Repaint Discussion section of the livery you have done, where you will be uploading, and include a couple of screenshots.



This aircraft is being distributed as Freeware. It may be freely used 
as long as it is not sold or included in any package requiring monetary 
compensation, and all original files are included, including this license.

The files included in this package are copyrighted to IFDG. They are not 
to be included in a commercial package, compilation CD, or any other kind 
of distribution for which money is charged or to be included on a website 
that is not accessible free of charge, without the written permission of 
the Author.

You are not allowed to use software to break down the model file into an 
editable source file of any kind.

Altough all our files are checked for errors and viruses, IFDG is not to 
be held responsible in case of system damage or failure due to the use of 
the files that are available at this site.



Pedro Oliveira for allowing use of his excellent A319 FDE.
Airbus Industrie for A319 technical documents.
The A319 Beta team for finding the bugs.

Special thanks to al the FSMEX community. Thanks for your support! www.fsmex.com



For a great A319 panel, try Ken Mitchell freeware A320 panel, available at:

For great A319 sounds, download IAE V2500 Sounds For The A320 Family (Version 2) of Emil Serafino Jr. from AVSIM.

For A319 operation procedures, performance charts, and checklists, download Matt Zegoren's A319 Documentation package from Herve Sor's website: 


For a callsign of Volaris, try the latest update of Volaris Callsign of myself.

Other aircraft documentation packages are available there as well.



iFDG website: http://ifdg.net
iFDG Forum: http://ifdg.net/forum/
Albaro Villegas: [email protected]

Francisco Pichardo: [email protected]


July, 2006


Copyright (C) iFDG 2004. All rights reserved.

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