Hughes H1 Racer

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FSX Hughes H1 Racer. A repaint of Tim Conrad's H1 Racer with modified alpha channel to give it a closer to the original look, sleek and polished. Also the N number texture on the wing has been changed to match the original. This is a complete aircraft. Included is the original readme file and some pictures of the H1 Racer. This technique created and used by Rooks Silva Design Group (RSDG). Textures by Mark Rooks.



RSDG H1 Racer   Support   Angel Flight near you 

To install this aircraft:

As always back up any original files.

1.Unzip downloaded folders to your desktop or temporary directory of your choice.

2.Copy the "H1 Racer " folder and paste it in the main aircraft folder. 

By default the main aircraft folder is located at:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FSx\SIM Objects /Aircraft  .

Textures created by Mark "Fire Ball" Rooks. 

Any questions e-mail me, [email protected], use subject  "Fire Ball" and I'll be sure to respond.

Enjoy your new repaint and air file.

Thanks for downloading,   

"Fire Ball"

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