Junkers Ju52

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who died during WWII. We play the game without realizing that many lives were lost in the actual situations and mission now presented as a game. This aircraft has the windows (most of them) sealed. The planes were clearly not involved as a passenger service for peace!I take absolutely no credit for any painting or flight models here. This is dedicated to the hard work of the following designers who declared their work as FreeWare. So this aircraft model, all textures and flight dynamics MUST remain as FreeWare and may never be sold. If you paid for this file by any manner except by normal downloading costs, you have been swindled and the law of copyright was thereby infringed.The ideas came from the following people and I acknowledge them all, although not much of their original work was used, except the flight model designed by Mike Hill. After many designs and other contributions I hereby retire from the FSIM world. I will still fly and buy new ones, but this intensive involvement has reach its end. Anon.Mike HillIgnacio SanguinetiRaul A. RodriguezThomas FerberInstruments by HGHB (not included, but referred to in PANEL directory)InstallationJust UNZIP the files into your CFS.../AIRCRAFT directory.Read the readme in PANELS and download the perfect panel via the instructions in there!Bugs1. Your responsibility when installing these file.2. Some textures bleed through at the undercarriage.3. The model is very sensitive and easily overspeeds.4. The rudder has zero effect on the ground, use left/right braking (very poor as well).5. During banking, take it slow, use the rudder but don't over bank, the rudder doesn't prevent side slipping in a steep bank. This is an error of the translation of FS98 aircraft to CFS - sorry! After many hours of flying and tweaking I settled for the original model of Mike Hill. We are stuck. Feel free to deliver a better flying model.[/quote]


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