Messerschmitt Bf 109K

bf109k.zip —


variants.This plane is a Reskinned version of the Standard MS CFS Bf109G.Improvements Include...New Damage Profile..Changed several onscreen damage messages and gun damages.New Weapons.. 1 Nose Cannon,2 Cowl Machineguns,2 wing Machineguns.(i dont think the actual 109K had wing guns,but i wanted the 109K to makeup in damage what i wasnt able to change about its performance)New Artwork based on a 109K photograph.Changed sound to Hurricanes to simulate increased engine noise of 109K.Changed Checklists.To install just move the 109K folder to your CFSAircraft directory orsee below to use this aircraft in place of the 109G in campaigns.This product is freeware,do whatever you want with it.Tips...You have more guns firing now so ammo will be used quicker,use shortbursts.Fly this plane just like you flew the 109G,the flight model has not changed =( (If you know how to do this please do!!!)If a 109K gets on your six,break fast,it only takes a second for itsguns to chew you to pieces!to use the 109K in campaigns instead of the 109G,just rename theaircraft folders 109G to 109G2 and 109K to 109G. Make sure to editthe 109Ks Panel.cfg file to the 109G2 directory or copy all thepanel files from the 109G2 folder to the 109Ks (109G).Have fun and if you improve this aircraft please send me a copy at [email protected], I like to fly these things too ya know =)[/quote]


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