Nick's Light-Fix



ABOUT AIRCRAFT LANDING LIGHTS - Most people already know the simulator is terrible at rendering lighting FX. Landing lights are very, very difficult to design so they look good on every single aircraft. The problem is Microsoft designed 1 bitmap file for all aircraft landing and taxi lights and expected the simulator to render the lights correctly in every circumstance� A simple solution but not a smart way to get a realistic look for each plane. Included in this package is xenon landing light effects of my own design. It is designed to eliminate the nasty, butt-ugly, over-bright, yellow, FS9 triangle-shaped aircraft lights and replace them with a softer and more realistic xenon lighting FX. Because of my unique texture design the landing lights FX will appear different (different brightness and overall look) on different aircraft. The texture gives an excellent night-time busy airport look from the tower and the air and provides a great landing light for the aircraft being flown. Be aware that there is no way to make a universal light texture that will be the same visual intensity (brightness) for every plane without making the landing light over-bright as the original FS9 landing lights are. There will be differences in landing light intensity from aircraft to aircraft based on how the aircraft maker designed the landing light specs into the aircraft model. Precision alignment of the aircraft landing lights is an area many aircraft manufactures overlook. Be aware that if the plane you are flying does not have landing lights showing from inside the cockpit it is because the maker of the plane did not design them into the model. The file included with this package will not fix that issue. If a plane has multiple landing lights and taxi lights designed into its model file the brightness of the external spot lights will dynamically change as more lights are turned on or off.    


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