P-40D Rossi's Tiger



Dick Rossi's P-40B Flying Tiger This is a Re-paint of J R Lucariny designed & Robert Hawk's repainted P 40 For Flight Simulator X. This is a accurate Re-paint of Dick Rossi's Aircraft He Flew with the famed AVC Flying Tigers as a fighter pilot working with the American Volunteer Group in China during WWII under General Claire Lee Chennault, During an eight-month period, a handful of swift, heavily armed P-40's destroyed 297 Japanese aircraft. More than 6 of those fell from the sky under the guns of Rossi as a Flight Leader. John Richard Rossi of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers. "Dick" Rossi served as president of the AVG Flying Tigers Association for fifty years and is one of the founders of the Flying Tigers Line, a major freight carrier.



P 40 B  Rossi's Tiger  Support Your Local Angel Flight 

 Textures Created by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks 

To Install this aircraft file

Unzip downloaded folders to the dest top remove    P 40B Rossi's Tiger  Tiger    folder and install in the main aircraft folder 

Guages For The Panel go in the Guage Folder 

Aircraft folders are found in C:Program Files/Microsoft Games/FSX/Sim objects/ Aircraft folder

Textures created by Mark Rooks ( Fire Ball )   

Enjoy your new Aircraft  and air file Any questions e Mail me  [email protected] when E-mailing use subject  Fire Ball and i'll be sure to respond.

Thanks for downloading   

Always Back up original Files

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