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Microsoft Flight Simulator X ACES Studio Closing Down

The studio behind FSX is now being closed down by Microsoft amidst a 5000 person layoff at Microsoft. Phil Taylor, one of the people who was involved in making FSX posts about it here: God speed to all those who lost their...


Microsoft Flight Simulator X FS Insider issue 9 is out!

A special Christmas edition of FS Insider Issue 9 is out. Check it out at


Microsoft Flight Simulator X FS Insider Issue 8 Released

Hey guys, the E-Mail from FS Insider containing issue 8 has been sent out, including several special Halloween articles. Check it out at


Microsoft Flight Simulator X FS Insider Issue 7 is out

FS Insider Issue 7 has been released from microsoft and it includes a link to a free copy of the just flight flying club x cessna 152.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X How to fix Adobe AIR problems with FSX

Hey folks, thought i'd share a little of my wisdom here with how to fix the errors with Adobe AIR and MSFS. The method to fix it is to reassign the default opening program for .air files to ether notepad or airedit. This will allow your air files to work correctly.