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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Out of POTDs

Folks, you complain about us not having new POTDs, but no one submits any. Start submitting files and POTDs please... Finally, trap the third wire, or you're risking death..


Microsoft Flight Simulator X Why there are no new files...

People are saying this site is dead, let me explain something, there are no new files because of 2 reasons. 1. I'm in college and focusing on that 2. Nobody is bothering to upload files to the site Once I'm on break I'll see about getting new files for the site, but until then, the only new f...


Microsoft Flight Simulator X How to submit files

OK folks, here's how to submit files, click on the button under the header "the files" titled "submit files", and follow the instructions on screen, it's as simple as that! Happy uploading!


Microsoft Flight Simulator X Come on folks, submit files!

Hey guys, you know FSX Files can't be called FSX Files without files. If you have developed any addons for FSX as long as they aren't payware, submit them if you have permission!


Microsoft Flight Simulator X No we aren't dead!

Hey folks, just wanted to let you all know that the site isn't dead, I've been a bit tied up lately and I admit that some of the recent polls have been a bit lame, but that was only because I was tired at the time of thinking them up. We do need more POTDs and files though people, as we can't grow w...


Microsoft Flight Simulator X flightsim files is nothing without files

Hey folks, I got a request to make. If you have any files that you made for FSX, please submit them. We haven't had a file submission in ages, and we really need more. If you want to know how to submit files, just click submit file on the side bar and follow the instructions.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X We need more POTDs

Hey folks, we are just about out of POTDs, we only have one more left to verify (tommorow's POTD) and we will be completely out. We really need some pics to put up. So folks, if you got some extra screens that are cool, be sure to submit them ASAP. Thanks, Th3flyboy