Freelancer (DUPLICATE)

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Freelancer: OpenSP (Mod) Guest 570KB 17,439
Freelancer: Dog Fight (Mod) Guest 25.69MB 848
Freelancer: StarWars/StarTrek (Mod) Guest 10.04MB 6,043
Freelancer Rebalance (Mod v3.20) Guest 42.53MB 5,457
Jump Video Guest 2.66MB 236
Dealer Video Guest 3.44MB 177
Combat Video Guest 5.27MB 302
WcEend's Extra System Mod v0.046 Beta Guest 277KB 133
WcEend's Extra System Mod v0.05 Guest 487KB 364
Dyson City Docking Guest 2.63MB 282
FL:CE Announcement Video Guest 16.2MB 239
Freelancer: Combat Evolved Teaser Video Guest 11.69MB 566
Freelancer: Discovery Mod v4.80 by Igiss Guest 25.78MB 2,911
Blaster Universe 3.3 Client Edition Guest 26.88MB 1,084
Discovery Freelancer v4.81 Guest 30.9MB 3,312
Open Singleplayer for Discovery v4.81 Guest 568KB 4,426
FL:CE ICS Teaser Video (Alpha v116.24) Guest 14.02MB 201
Tides of War Public Beta Release Guest 48.77MB 6,264
FL:CE 116.24 Intro Video (Alpha v116.24) Guest 17.14MB 440
Discovery Freelancer v4.82 Guest 32.36MB 10,666
Discovery Freelancer v4.82 7 (Only for FLMM 1.4) Guest 21.23MB 3,029
Rise of the Lost Children v0.8 Guest 15.34MB 231
Rise of the Lost Children v0.81 Guest 15.34MB 797
Discovery Freelancer v4.83 Guest 35.58MB 12,456
Modified Exe v1.2 Guest 1.56MB 188
Career Selection v1.2 Mod Guest 1KB 1,888
Intrepid Freelancer v1.14 Mod Guest 17.96MB 1,849
Intrepid Freelancer v1.14.1 Mod Guest 5.49MB 1,178
Crossfire v1.7 Mod - Client Guest 195.86MB 14,806
Hunting Grounds v2.05 Guest 3.83MB 286
The Common Wealth Mod v1.1 Guest 6.14MB 337
Discovery Freelancer v4.84 Guest 55.75MB 55,068
The Common Wealth Mod 2.0 Guest 19.74MB 1,902
The Order Mod v53.64 Guest 6.68MB 272
The Order Mod v54.64 - Nomads Revenge Guest 21.17MB 308
WTS-World v4.16 Ship Archive Guest 13.32MB 584
WTS 4-16 Server Pack Guest 733KB 1,019
The Order Mod v55.64 - Fixed Guest 7.74MB 465
Implemented GLS Workaround Guest 130KB 1,171
Cloak Mod v0.96 beta Guest 4.54MB 1,913
The Order Mod v56.64 Guest 6.69MB 511
Maine Lander Guest 99KB 138
Freelancer Global Server Hotfix GUI v1.00 Guest 1.32MB 507
BigDaddy StoryLine Mod v1.25 Guest 19.28MB 1,147
Freelancer Black Dawn v1.1.2 Mod Guest 13.16MB 484
Rebalance v3.56 Ironcross Game Data Guest 34KB 578
Neutral Zone Mod v1.74 Guest 12.63MB 219
Neutral Zone Mod v1.91 Guest 11.42MB 446
Freeworlds 18.32 Auto-Updater Guest 1.95MB 582
Freelancer Advanced Guest 5.18MB 1,171
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