18th Birthday & More to Come From Runescape in 2019

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Runescape has been around for as long as I and many other gamers can remember, it’s older than most millennial gamers! It was one of the first MMOs I had ever played and instantly fell in love with the simple mechanics of mining, smelting, crafting, woodcutting, firemaking and other endless thankless tasks with friends for hours on end.

Still to this day the game has kept a steady player count as demonstrated in the graph below using data from Misplaced Items.

Old School Runescape has had a massive resurgence and is holding up the player count at the moment compared to Evolution of Combat Runescape which has unfortunately bombed over the last few years. On the 4th January 2019 Runescape celebrates its 18th birthday and they have a huge year planned worth of updates including mining and smithing revamp which happens this month where you can mine the same spot for hours on end as the nodes won’t die out, plus smithing levels now match the gearing level finally!

Four new tiers of metal are coming to smith with and apparently a cool looking new level 90 armour including a further level 92 armour where you can combine those rare monster drops to give even better armour. This all means that smithing will be profitable!

Improvements to the player owned farms are also coming in the year with the opportunity to have your own stables to put the animals your rearing and give your farm a sense of real belonging. There are loads of other updates coming during the year as well with a new elite dungeon, changes to firemaking, and many more outlined in the video made by the Runescape team below:

All of the changes have been tested thoroughly by the Jagex team and also by the community too who had a big say in the development platform for these updates. Another area where there has and continues to be an extensive beta is the mobile version of the game, a version has been released which is the old school Runescape for mobile but requires you to start all over again. Just note it doesn’t affect your actual account so you can still login to your proper account on your computer.

The cross platform mobile version is being eagerly awaited by all players, the latest update states that from extensive beta feedback the developers are working on getting the user interface right and it is proving extremely tricky with the mobile setup, they’re currently looking at simplifying and restructuring the UI to make it “less daunting”. The old school version release has attracted a greater number of newer players and general feedback has been that Runescape can be quite a tricky place to be just dropped into, so they’re taking their time at making the tutorial and first few hours of gamplay as intuitive and helpful as possible so they can help the newer players that start off on the platform.

It certainly proves to be a busy year for the Runescape team, so if you’re having an episode of New Year nostalgia log on and feel free to hit me up on the Discord GameFront channel and we can adventure around in my new Rune Zamorak gear!


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