2K Games remove several games from GeForce Now

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

It's going from bad to worse for GeForce Now, a new streaming service from NVidia which, while technically impressive, seems to be struggling with a mass exodus of publishers willing to allow their games to remain on the platform.

Activision were the first company to withdraw their games from the platform, a mere days after launch, due to a misunderstanding, which was swiftly followed by Bethesda. Now, 2K games have pulled their lineup, including Borderlands, XCOM and more.

In a statement on it's forums, NVidia stated that the request was from the publisher, and that the games would be removed immediately. 

It all seems to be related to the same issue, publishers weren't aware that a free beta was switching to a paid for service, and it seems the proper agreements weren't in place. This is a real bad start for Nvidia, who stated they are working with 2K to try and restore their games to the service.

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