2K Games Says It’ll Patch The Darkness II to Add Field of View Controls

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Published by GameFront.com 10 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Posted on February 9, 2012, Phil Hornshaw 2K Games Says It’ll Patch The Darkness II to Add Field of View Controls

Lots of PC gamers have complained about the “consolization” of games as PC has fallen to the third-place slot behind the major game consoles in terms of game sales. One of the bigger symptoms: the stripping out of field of view controls from PC shooters.

Now, after a video detailing the issue in The Darkness II by TotalBiscuit, it appears 2K Games is going to patch the game in order to add controls that let users change the FOV presented by a game.

FOV refers to the amount of content displayed on the screen during a game. When you think about the human eye, the field of view is the cone that presents how much information the eye captures — basically, the cone of your vision (think Metal Gear Solid’s guards wandering around on the mini-map, looking for you). Console FPS games present an FOV of about 60 degrees, but PC games have traditionally allowed users to increase the FOV to be closer to what’s seen by the human eye, closer to 90 degrees or more. This is because the closer you sit to a screen, the more a narrow FOV can give you a headache.

After publishing a video and a long Twitter conversation with a 2K Games rep, TotalBiscuit made the video below demonstrating that The Darkness II isn’t really hampered by technical issues that require the FOV to be constrained to 60. TotalBiscuit thinks it’s actually just developers disrespecting PC gamers by not bothering to include the option and not noting that a narrow FOV is physically uncomfortable for a big portion of their audience. That seems to have gotten at least some motion out of 2K Games. We’ll have to see if The Darkness II really does get patched.

In my review of The Darkness II, I didn’t mention the game’s FOV issue because I found it didn’t bother me; some players find they have physical uncomfortable reactions to it, however. TotalBiscuit recommends you don’t buy the game or at least don’t pay full price until the FOV issue is resolved — consider this your fair warning.

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