5 Essential Starfield Mods every player should install right now

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Starfield is, at least according to our review, the best Bethesda RPG since Skyrim, but it isn't without flaws. Graphically impressive, its performance on PC could be politely described as lacklustre, and some of the UI elements and gameplay choices leave room for improvement.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the modding community have been hard at work correcting some of these issues, which should significantly improve the experience for the vast majority of players on the game's PC version. These mods are some of the easiest to install, although be warned, they may disable achievements or have other unforeseen effects.

We're not going to explain how to install the mods on this list, but you can usually find instructions to get each mod up and running on the mod page. The vast majority can be installed automatically with Vortex mod manager. You still may screw things up, so you install these mods at your own risk and make sure you back things up. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get into it;

1. Smooth Ship Reticle (120FPS UI)

This mod from alexbull_uk improves the performance of the targeting UI when in ship combat, replacing the arguably choppy experience that exists in the game with a smooth, 120FPS experience. The mod also lets you increase the FPS of other HUD elements in the game to a buttery smooth 120 FPS, which makes the entire experience much more seamless on high frame-rate monitors.

Download Smooth Ship Reticle

2. Craftable Ammo & Utilities

I don't personally enjoy crafting in Bethesda games, and Starfield isn't much of an exception - there are few if any, craftable items that are of intrinsic value that aren't in plentiful supply out in the universe. However, this mod from pitufocabeza makes it a little more enticing by allowing you to craft essentials like Ammo, Digipicks, and Med Packs. 

This actually changes the entire balance of the game, you can grind for junk and craft all the essentials you need, so you're spending less time out in the world exploring for ammo and health.

Download Craftable Ammo and Utilities

3. Starfield Upscaler (DLSS or XeSS mod)

Perhaps a controversial choice, but essential for those with Nvidia GPUs (and perhaps Intel, too) - when Starfield announced its exclusive partnership with AMD earlier this year, Nvidia fans lamented the lack of DLSS within the game. Thankfully, modder PureDark quickly resolved that, and with a few simple steps, you can enable DLSS within Starfield instead of AMD's FSR2. No offence to AMD, but the results with the DLSS mod installed are MUCH better, with clearer, sharper images and better performance.

Download Starfield Upscaler

4. StarUI Inventory

This essential mod from m8r98a4f2 overhauls the game's somewhat clunky UI experience with one that is much better suited to PC users, presenting the items in your inventory in a much easier-to-digest organisable table. 

You're able to sort the table by type, weight, and value, making it much easier to see the effectiveness of your weapons or armour, and honestly, it has saved me a boatload of time since I installed it.

Download StarUI Inventory

5. Simple Faster Walk

If one thing has become apparent to me since I started playing Starfield, it's that my NPC companions just can't seem to keep up with me. This is especially apparent when traversing airlocks or entering my ship, NPCs simply travel at a reasonable speed, unable to keep up with your Linford Christie pace. This mod fixes all that by giving NPCs a much faster default walking speed, and while it sounds (and is) pretty simple, the effects are quite remarkable. Suddenly, NPCs no longer feel quite so immersion breaking, and manage to stick around in the thick of the action.

Download Simple Faster Walk

What are your favourite mods to play with Starfield? Let us know in the comments below!


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