5 Tips for CoD Players Jumping into Battlefield 3′s Multiplayer

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Posted on October 27, 2011, Phil Hornshaw 5 Tips for CoD Players Jumping into Battlefield 3′s Multiplayer

Pick up a copy of Battlefield 3 with no experience in the franchise, as many players are likely to do this week, and you might have some problems. For those who have grown up in the wilderness of Call of Duty multiplayer on consoles, entering the world of DICE’s military shooter for the first time can be somewhat jarring.

It’s mostly tough to reconcile because Battlefield looks and feels a lot like the Modern Warfare series, at least on the surface. The controls and mechanics are similar. But anybody who drops into a couple of Battlefield 3 games will quickly get a lesson in humility as they try to navigate the game’s huge maps or attempt to fly a plane for the first time. Don’t expect awesome kill-death ratios your first time out in BF3 if you’re a Call of Duty player.

We’re here to tell you, Modern Warfare players, one simple truth: You’re doing it wrong. Please excuse the following language, but you need a bit of a slap in the face. Consider this an intervention that should put you on the path to playing Battlefield 3 properly.

And for God’s sake, stop hopping when you fight people. You look like an idiot.

5. Slow the F–k Down and Camp More

In a multiplayer game I played recently, as my team was getting maimed by enemy fire, one player began spamming the text chat: “CAMP MORE. CAMP MORE. CAMP MORE.”

He was absolutely right.

While you might be able to snag your dual shotguns and sprint around the back alleys of Modern Warfare titles like a Jason Vorhees psychopath, ravaging players before they have a chance to react to you with the power of your weapons, Battlefield 3 isn’t like that. This is a game that puts much more emphasis on strategy. The more you move around, the more of a target you are, and as I was recently told by Game Front’s Ron Whitaker, “If you can see it, you can kill it.” Well, that goes both ways.

Instead, use your brain. Set yourself up where you expect to see players. Hide in places where you’re not obvious and try to be patient. Camping may be boring, yes, but Battlefield packs plenty of hot-and-heavy battle moments. The key is to be set up with the better position and the element of surprise, rather than rushing into superior numbers or players waiting for you. Eventually, somebody’s going to get impatient and make a stupid move: make sure that somebody isn’t you.

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