90 Day Roadmap for Anthem Released by BioWare

By Digz 4 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

BioWare have released their 90 day roadmap for Anthem in a blog post by Chad Robinson, Head of Live Serice at BioWare. The game has hit some issues since its early access release period then at launch and Chad states that "we understand that we have lots of work ahead of us to continue to improve the game." After the release of one of the most anticipated games this year the developers have said that they have listened to the players and have released patches immediately to make various changes ranging from balance issues, bugs, mouse and keyboard control fixes, and general betterment updates including fixing the loading screens that were taking forever. You can view all the change notes in this reddit thread here.

The live service is going to be a key instrument for BioWare to make this game right, and releasing the 90 day programme was the right move to get on the gamers side and make sure that they aren't being left with the current situation. The theme of the blog post is "we're just getting started." I'm sure many of you who purchased the game and have encountered difficulties are encouraged by the blog post and the roadmap to ensuring the issues are addressed and whilst doing so the developers are not forgetting about the longer term updates and and changes to the game. You can view the 90 day roadmap here.

In my experience playing game such as Star Wars: The Old Republic BioWare have always listened to the community and I have full faith and confidence that they can turn this around very quickly by following their player/community engagement. Let us know your thoughts so far of the game and your response to the post and future roadmap!


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