911 Operator, what's your e-mod-gency?

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

This is an obscure title for a lot of people, so I'm gonna take a while and just explain what the heck "911 Operator" is. Otherwise, you're just going to notice the pun in the title, facepalm, and move on with your mod news without actually paying attention to this article.

So, what the heck is it? 911 Operator is a strategy/management/simulator packed neatly into a €14.99 bundle. You take control of a single operator in an emergency services call centre of your choice. You get control of a set of police, medical, and fire emergency vehicles. Using these, you need to decipher and assign appropriate vehicles. Someone got a cat stuck in a tree? You could send the police to arrest them, but it's probably better to send the firefighters. Fight going on? Find out if there are guns involved, otherwise just send a standard patrol to break it up.

It's a fairly relaxed game with the really neat feature of allowing you to operate in almost any city in the world. Heck, I live in a small Danish town of just under 20 000 people, and it had a map of my city - complete with even the right addresses!

Out of the digital box, the game doesn't have that many calls and you'll eventually be seeing a number of repeats. The developers, Jutsu Games, have taken steps to remedy this by opening up the Steam Workshop for new Calls. This means you can download a selection of user created emergencies(that sounds so strange) to play around with.

You can pick up 911 Emergency at 33% off right now on Steam(deal lasts until 17th of July), and check out the Workshop by clicking here!

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