A Closer Look at The Witcher 2

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Published by GameFront.com 10 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Posted on June 15, 2010, Ron Whitaker A Closer Look at The Witcher 2

We just walked away from a sit down with CD Projekt Red, where they showed us a closer look at their upcoming RPG sequel, The Witcher 2. The first title in the series was one of my favorite RPG of the past several years, so I was stoked to get a closer look at the sequel.

If you’re into RPGs, hit the jump to get the lowdown on The Witcher 2.

First off, The Witcher 2 is built on a brand new engine, and the improvements are obvious. The game looks amazing. Trees sway, the lighting is much improved, and graphical fidelity is a definite upgrade over the original. Conversations are less stilted, more fluid, and more believable.

This new engine also means that except for transitions between chapters, loading times are a thing of the past. This improvement was also shown off, and it looks like Witcher fans can expect seamless transitions in the sequel.

Secondly, the scale of the game has massively increased. The world is not limited to Geralt’s surroundings. Several kingdoms (and their kings) are in play now, and Geralt’s actions can affect not only his immediate situation, but how the game progresses.

For example, we were shown a sequence where Geralt chooses to inflame a crowd to stop an execution. Because of this choice, new quests, options, and dialogues unlock later in the game in this town.

Another area that has changed immensely is combat. The timing-based combo system of the first game has been abandoned in favor of a new style that combines the three stances of the original into one unified fighting style. Geralt can roll, twist, block, and combine magic with melee attacks to dispatch his foes in any way he sees fit.

The mature themes of the original remain, as well as several characters from the first game returning.

All in all, The Witcher 2 looks like the kind of sequel we hoped to see from CD Projekt Red. It’s not slated to release until Q1 of 2011, but until then, we’ll have a ton of Witcher 2 stuff over on FileFront for you to check out.

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