A Total War Saga: Troy's new Mythos Expansion is out now

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Troy takes another step to fulfilling the legend of its story by releasing another expansion pack called 'Mythos'.

Mythos brings the great creatures of Greek mythology to your control, such as the Griffin, Hydra and even the Cerberus. You'll be able to capture and use these amazing creatures in your armies to help wage your war for Troy or to defend it.

The campaign map has also been refreshed as well as the new maps you can do battle on; however if you want all these great updates that the expansion has to offer, but without the mythical creatures (why?!), then you can choose the updates historical mode, which will remove all those monsters and magic from the game, check out the video put out by the developer team on that below:

Head on over to the Troy - Mythos Steam store page here and get in on the action.


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