AC4: Black Flag – Elite Ship Upgrade Plans Locations Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 8 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Collect the best upgrades to your pirate ship in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag with Game Front’s guide. Each of these upgrade plans are located in a special chest, often in shipwrecks or other hidden locations. Don’t settle for just second-best pirate in the Caribbean. Plunder with ease — find the best upgrades in the list below.

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Elite Ship Upgrade Plans Locations Guide

Elite Round Shot Strength:

  • Location: Kabah Ruins
  • Map Coordinates: 769, 145

Elite Hull Armor:

  • Location: San Ignacio
  • Map Coordinates: 379, 770

Elite Swivel Guns:

  • Location: Devil’s Eye Cave
  • Map Coordinates: 487, 357

Elite Harpoon Strength:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Mariguana Island (880. 544) – Look on the rocks west-of-center.  
  • Location: Andreas Island – Dig on a tiny island with three palm trees on the very southern edge of the area. 
  • Map Coordinates: 579, 720

Elite Broadside Cannons Set:

  • Location: The Blue Hole
  • Map Coordinates: 471, 170

Elite Heavy Shot Storage:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Cayman Sound (327, 334) – Look on the northeastern beach, near a chest.
  • Location: Petite Cavern
  • Map Coordinates: 901, 263

Elite Heavy Shot Strength:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Ambergris Key (55, 178)
  • Location: Misteriosa
  • Map Coordinates: 307, 195

Elite Fire Barrel Strength:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Santanillas (217, 250) – Found on the tiny island in the northeast corner. 
  • Location: San Juan
  • Map Coordinates: 479, 487

Elite Fire Barrel Storage:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Kenway’s Fleet Mission – 3 Missions Unlock Treasure Maps, Empty Cellar (Eastern British Colonies), Scarlatina (Eastern Canada), and Great Reputation II (Mediterranean Sea)
  • Location: Isla Providencia – Dig on the beach near an old shipwreck in the water, between three palm trees.
  • Map Coordinates: 502, 44

Elite Ram:

  • Location: La Concepcion Shipwreck
  • Map Coordinates: 181, 296

Elite Mortars:

  • Location: Antocha
  • Map Coordinates: 630, 660

Elite Mortars Storage:

  • Requires: Treasure Map – Tortuga (882, 370) – Walk up the east beach to find.
  • Location: Matanzas
  • Map Coordinates: 333, 650

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Destroyer (40 Points / Bronze):
    Fully Upgrade the Jackdaw.
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