Age of Darkness: Final Stand Set for September Early Access Release

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is set for early access release on 15 September and brings about a challenging yet darker spin on the RTS survival genre we know today. 

The game involves you being able to survive a relentless onslaught of Nightmares. To do this, you'll have to manage your resources effectively and efficiently whilst recruiting units quickly to thwart enemy advances. Recruit heroes to help you and ensure your construction of defences are up to scratch so you can defend yourself to the best you can.

The game's replayability will come as a surprise, build and recruit during the day and, as the title suggests, face your foes during the dark of night. Despite failing in your quest, you'll be able to build again and learn from your mistakes to take the fight to the enemy. Make sure you fight in the light if you go exploring though, the game's fog of war concept ensures that if you drift too far into the 'The Veil', your units will become terrified and lose their effectiveness in combat.

Age of Darkness brings about a grimness to a series that is certainly lacking in such a demonic survival game currently. Its brutality will draw you in for countless hours and give you a challenge that you'll strive to not only experience but defeat. Fight in the light, conquer the darkness!

Head to the games Steam store page here and get more information about the early access content. The developers, PlaySide, are looking to bring about frequent updates to the game so keep your eyes peeled!


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