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Posted on October 6, 2014, GameFront Staff Alien: Isolation – Archive Logs Collectibles Locations Guide

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Sneaking through Alien: Isolation, you’ll encounter tons of terminals filled with backstory-enlightening text — these are the archive logs, and finding 100 is enough to unlock the “Voices of Sevastopol” achievement. Whether you’re looking to expand the story or just want to earn every collectible trophy, we’ll list where to find these numerous computers in the guide below.

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Archive Logs Collectibles Locations Guide

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Mission 1

  • Log #1: Starting in the Hypersleep Chamber, walk down the hall and enter the first door on the left. Go down the hall to reach a common sleeping area. There’s a computer terminal directly right of the entrance. Check the computer to get the first archive log.
  • Log #2 / Log #3: Go to the break room with the circular table. It’s to the right after reaching the room with the space suit displays in the center of the ship. Inside, look in the alcove along the left and access the computer to get two more logs.

Mission 2

  • Log #4: Exiting the first vent usage through the circular duct to get around the fire, you’ll be able to find a terminal to your left, to the left of the opening straight ahead.
  • Log #5 / Log #6 / Log #7: The next three logs are located on a computer inside a spaceship docking bay with a control room overlooking up some stairs. You’ll get the objective to restore power to the shutter in this area. Be sure to check every folder and access the audio.
  • Log #8: Moving on, after accessing the power terminal, turn around and look for an open doorway illuminated with blue light. Go into the lounge and check the counters for an audio log. Activate it to unlock this log entry.
  • Log #9 / Log #10 / Log #11: In the same room as the audio recorder, there’s a terminal in the back left against the wall. There are three unique logs in folders here.
  • Log #12: Once you reach the Baggage Claim room, walk toward the large illuminated door in the back. Right next to the bright flood light, there’s a cart with your next audio log.
  • Log #13: Still in the Baggage Claim area, go up the stairs to the left of the large closed door (Marked “42″) and go through the door at the top. Skip through the wrecked office and go inside the monitor station filled with black screens. On one of the computer banks, you’ll find another audio log.
  • Log #14: This one is hard to miss. After crawling through a vent, you’ll drop into a maintenance room with a dead worker to your right. There’s an audio log waiting at his feet.
  • Log #15: From the audio log, turn left and exit through the door after collecting the large wrench from the body. In the hallway, there’s a door brace attached to the room on your right. Use the new wrench to remove the brace and check the recorder inside.
  • Log #16 / Log #17 / Log #18: The last three archives in the mission are located north of the Cargo Hangar. You’ll enter dark hallways in a smokey maintenance area with Axel. There’s a computer on a desk partially through the halls up here.

Mission 3

  • Log #19: The first archive log is found inside the large room where a huge satellite is suspended from the ceiling. Look on the octagon desk underneath it to find an audio log recorder.
  • Log #20: An audio log is found in the office directly above the Tech Support room on your map. It unlocks after reaching the objective in the Work Archive.
  • Log #21 / Log #22: After getting the Work Archive objective, leave the Facility Control and go down the halls to the Tech Workshop. Now that you have the hacking device, unlock the door and check the terminal in the back right.

Mission 4

  • Log #23 / Log #24 / Log # 25 / Log #26: A whopping four archive logs are located on one terminal after collecting the Motion Tracker. There’s a desk with a lit terminal in one corner that’s hard to miss.
  • Log #29 / Log #30: Sneaking through a vent, you’ll drop out and gain an objective to safely reach the elevator. Before you can, look to the left for an open room where you can get a computer terminal with two more logs.
  • Log #31 / Log #32 / Log #33: At the elevator itself, pass the save station and enter the stairwell marked with a “Communications” sign. Go up to the External Communications sign and look right. There’s a locked door here. Once you’re able to get it open in the story, return and get inside to access the terminal straight ahead.
  • Log #34: On your map, enter the room above the Internal Communications area, and snake around to reach a vent across from the locked maintenance closet. Exiting the vent you’ll spot the terminal with the log on a desk ahead.
  • Log #27 / Log #28: Backtracking to the start of the area at the end of the mission, enter the newly opened control room labeled “Service Exchange” on the signage. On one side of the room there’s a side-hallway with a ramp down to a desk. There’s a computer here with two more logs.

Mission 5

  • Log #38: Inside the medical facility, carefully sneak to the Welcome Area and go inside the Day Room. Inside there’s a square table with an audio recorder.
  • Log #35 / Log #36 / Log #37: Eventually Amanda will need to access a terminal to use the Utility functions in a doctor’s office. While on the computer, check the folders to get three extra logs.
  • Log #39 / Log #40: From the Private Rooms, move counter-clockwise to Room A-29. On the opposite wall, there’s an entrance to a lab with a terminal. Access it and check both logs.

Mission 6

  • Log #42 / Log #43: At the start of the mission, Amanda will need to access a critical terminal. Get both logs while accessing the Utility folder.
  • Log #44: Get to the Senior Medical Officer room after sneaking through the hallways. Use the terminal on his desk to gain one log.
  • Log #45 / Log #46 / Log #47 / Log #48: Go to the Security Desk room in the lower corner of the map. There’s a Save Point on the wall and a computer terminal on the desk itself. Access it for four more logs.
  • Log #51 / Log #52 / Log #53 / Log #54 / Log #55: Eventually Amanda will break into the area with the Emergency Room. Watch out for enemies and log into the terminal in the Emergency Room to find a total of five collectible logs together.
  • Log #49 / Log #50: From the Emergency Room, sneak into the Operating Theater. Look near the doors to find a computer on a small stand.
  • Log #130: Once the facility is set on fire, circle around the blaze and enter the Dental Surgery area. There’s a shelf the the log in the back.

Mission 7

  • Log #56 / Log #57: From the main section you start the mission, go up the ladder and look for a “U”-shaped hallway with an office off to the side. There’s a terminal with two more logs on a desk.
  • Log #58 / Log #59: Leave the office from the previous two collectibles and follow the hallway around to another office with a Save Point inside. There’s a terminal with two logs across from the save station.
  • Log #60 / Log #61: Continuing on the main mission, you’ll reach a hallway that becomes illuminated with white light. There’s a room on the left of the hall, before reaching a ladder, with two posters and a terminal.
  • Log #62 / Log #63 / Log #65: Taking the upgraded Tuner and using it on the main control terminal up the ladder, check the room to the right of the ladder. Hack the door open and check the terminal inside for these three log collectibles.
  • Log #64: Reaching the automated area where numbered slides are transported on over-heard rails, cross the walkway to a ladder and climb up. The Facility Administration room is to the right. There’s a long office with multiple desks ahead. To the right of the Save Station, check the terminal for the last log in this level.

Mission 8

  • Log #67 / Log #68: Once the large control room’s lights are back on, defeat any incoming enemies and check a small room down the steps that opens. This small maintenance room has a computer with two logs.
  • Log #69: Taking a ladder down through the vents on the main path you’ll exit into a room with a desk on your right. Under the lamp there’s an audio recorder.

Mission 10

  • Log #70 / Log #71: At the start, Amanda finds herself a flamethrower in a maintenance room. Exit the room and look left. There are three doors along the wall. Enter the center door and access the terminal for two collectible logs.
  • Log #103 / Log #104: After getting the flamethrower, turn around and cross the office room. Enter a room on the opposite side with spacesuits on display. There’s another terminal just ahead of the door.
  • Log #102: In the same room, look on the circular table for an audio log.
  • Log #73 / Log #74 / Log #75: Enter the Tech Support HQ and go upstairs to the office overlooking the hall. The terminal inside is mission critical, so don’t miss the extra three logs stored on it.
  • Log #79 / Log #80: Entering the Seegson & Tech Support doorway while progressing, take a turn left down the few steps. There’s a terminal near some metallic canisters.
  • Log #76: In the same room, look across near the railings for a stack of brown boxes on a pallet. There’s a recorded log right on the boxes.
  • Log #81 / Log #82: Still in the same room, go down the hall down the steps marked “Seegson Security” and inside the office there’s a visible terminal on a desk to your right.
  • Log #77 / Log #78: Continue to a tall stairwell and reach the top floor. As you enter the main floor, there should be stairs directly to your right. There’s another terminal at the top with two logs.
  • Log #83 / Log #84 / Log #85: Entering the Mainframe Systems entrance hallway, the lights should flicker back on near the front desk. There’s a computer on this desk carrying three logs you won’t want to miss. One is password locked, but you can find the code on the computer itself.
  • Log #87 / Log #88: Once Amanda gets her hands on the Plasma Torch, enter the room to the left. It’s very dark, but there’s a terminal against the back wall.
  • Log #86: From the previous collectible, go through the lit hallway on the right. There’s a computer on a desk next to a window straight ahead.
  • Log #91 / Log #94: Moving on, keep an eye out for a Save Station with a ladder going up nearby. Go up the ladder and down the hallway above. Enter the room on the right and look around to find a computer on a desk.
  • Log #89 / Log #90: After resetting the server breakers in the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions area, look for a locked door between the Reception area and Decontamination. Use the plasma torch to cut into the room and grab these two logs off the terminal on a desk ahead.
  • Log #93: Once you have the objective to enter the research labs, you’ll reach a long windowed hallway before the objective area. In the long hallway, there’s a Decontamination Room. Go down the hallway, turn left, and run across the room to a smaller office where you’ll find a terminal to the right of the open doorway.
  • Log #92: The final log in the mission is found in the hallway before reach the Research Labs. There’s a keycard locked door to the left, just before the lab doors. Circle around to the desk near the window to find the recording device and file.

Mission 11

  • Log #95: Early in the mission you’ll reach an abandoned bar with purple neon lights and a Save Station. Look on the wall opposite the save point for a low table holding a recording device.
  • Log #100 / Log #101: Go to the Bunk House Hotel and look in the room to the left of the Save Station. There’s an active terminal with two more logs stored inside.
  • Log #96 / Log #97 / Log #98 / Log #99: Later on in the story you’ll take stairs down into a dark maintenance area with blue doors. After reaching the dark lower level, you’ll need to enter a blue door on your right along a long concourse. Instead, go to the door to the left. Open it and you’ll find an active terminal with the last collectibles.

Mission 12

  • Log #105 / Log #106: Taking the train to the Seegson building where the man at the front desk has been killed (with a magazine down the throat!) check his computer to get the next two logs.
  • Log #107 / Log #108: Moving forward in the mission, you’ll eventually gain access to the Synthetic Reclamation room with androids laid out on series of beds along the walls. There’s a desk in one corner with a computer in the dark.
  • Log #109 / Log #110 / Log #111: Still in the Seegson Synthetics facility, you’ll reach the Showroom area through a vent. Check the desk inside for a computer with three logs.
  • Log #112 / Log #113: In the Sales Agreements area with the save point, there’s a computer on a large desk pushed up near the back wall. Read it to unlock these two logs.
  • Log #114: Getting the keycard and moving on, you’ll go upstairs and enter another long hallway with a Save Station on the right wall. Just before the save machine there are boxes. Look on them, it’s dark, but you’ll find a recording device. This is just outside the Implant Ward.

Mission 13

  • Log #115 / Log #116: Stepping off the tram in the Apollo Core station, enter the Apollo Transit Security room and use the terminal on the desk.
  • Log #150: Past the blueprint room, you’ll enter a hallway with a Save Station. Swing left, then take another left. Open the door and you’ll see the terminal straight ahead.
  • Log #118: From the Save Station mentioned in the previous log location, take a right instead of a left. Go through the blue door, left, and right you’ll enter a room with slanted windows built low. Look on the center strut for an audio log.
  • Log #119 / Log #120: Continuing on, you’ll eventually be able to access the Right Hemisphere Servers. Enter the first door on the right. In the left corner, use the computer to get two archive logs.
  • Log #122: Enter the glowing Left Hemisphere Server Room. Inside there’s a small office on the left with a terminal in the window.
  • Log #123: Still in the Left Hemisphere Server Room, go through the yellow door on the left leading into the Monitoring Control Plant. Turn left, then enter the orange door on your right. In this control room, look on the second blueprint table for an audio device.
  • Log #121 / Log #124: Near the end of the mission you’ll need to take two ladders down. After the second ladder, there’s a computer terminal on a cart directly ahead.

At this point, all archive log achievements & trophies should be unlocked.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • A Record of Disaster (10 points / Bronze):
    Collected an archive log.
  • Voices of Sevastopol (40 points / Silver):
    Collected 100 archive logs

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