Alien: Isolation – Blade Runner Origami Unicorn Easter Egg

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Posted on October 7, 2014, GameFront Staff Alien: Isolation – Blade Runner Origami Unicorn Easter Egg

Alien Isolation Blade Runner Easter Egg

The mystery continues as symbolic origami unicorns invade Sevastopol in Alien: Isolation thanks to the continuing authenticity experts over at Creative Assembly.

These guys didn’t just mine the original film for content, but broadened their search to director Ridley Scott’s classic filmography. Keep scrolling to find out more about this particularly cool, and numerous, Blade Runner Easter egg. Maybe androids and replicants aren’t so different after all?

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Blade Runner Origami Unicorn Easter Egg

Creative Assembly aren’t just Alien fans, but Ridley Scott fans too. Alien might be the director’s best space-faring horror film, Blade Runner is another classic that came out way ahead of it’s time.

To prove their film buff status, the developers dumped tons of the metallic origami unicorns across the retro futuristic halls.

The origami unicorns appear, most memorably, as a gift from officer Gaff at the end of Blade Runner. What it all means is up to you, we’re just here to show you how to find the things.

Where to Find the Origami Unicorn

There are Origami Unicorns all over Alien: Isolation. The employees on the Sevastopol must be avid Blade Runner watchers, because they’re everywhere. Find it too with these quick instructions.

In the second mission, after boarding and entering Sevastopol station you’ll need to check in with an android in an office behind glass. From here, go down the steps and swivel right and look on the bench. There you have it!

The tiny memento is near a child’s drawing, but these things appear all over the place. Look in cubbies, on desks, or anywhere chotchkies are kept.

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