Alien: Isolation – Nostromo Logs Collectibles Locations Guide

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Posted on October 6, 2014, GameFront Staff Alien: Isolation – Nostromo Logs Collectibles Locations Guide

Alien: Isolation - red alert drone

If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s original Alien, and really aren’t we all here, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these special Nostromo Logs hidden throughout Alien: Isolation. Amanda’s goal on the Sevastopol station is to learn what happened to her mother’s fated journey on the Nostromo from the original film.

Take a guided tour though the derelict Sevastopol in our Alien: Isolation walkthrough and survive the Xenomorph onslaught. For more collectible locations, Easter eggs, or secrets check out the Alien: Isolation cheats compendium where we keep an updated list of the latest extra articles for this sci-fi survival horror FPS.

Nostromo Logs Collectibles Locations Guide

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Mission 4

  • Log #1: The first Nostromo Log is found near the end of Mission 4, inside the Relay Facility room. Search around the outer wall to find a cart with a terminal parked in one corner. Access it to get this special log with the original cast of Alien.

Mission 10

  • Log #2: Stepping off the train to the Engineering Deck, enter the Workplace Solutions area. At the top of the stairs enter the first door on the left. Hack the door once you get the right upgraded tool, then check the terminal in the back left corner.

Mission 12

  • Log #3: Just as the mission starts, Amanda exits the train at the station. Go up the stairs and use the torch to get through the locked doors to the medical facility. Inside, stick to the left wall. Go through the left door and look past the counter for another locked door. Open it by cutting the panel with the Plasma Torch. The log is inside the small office, on the desk.

Mission 15

  • Log #4: Just as Amanda enters the Medical Facility, she’ll be faced with a lobby on fire. Turn right and go through the Service Elevator door. In the dark hallway, look right and enter the Research Laboratory. Cut the door open, and watch out for gas. The log is to the right.

Mission 16

  • Log #5: Before the end of the mission, travel to the Lorenz Systech Spire area and reach the Server Hub Reception section of the zone. In the lobby, go through the Server Control door to the left of the front desk to find the Server Farm door. Next go to the Server Control, then look right for a room filled with poison gas. The Nostromo log is inside.
  • Log #6: Next, travel to Gemini Exoplanet Solutions through the Lorenz Systech lobby second floor. Get to the Ore Processing room with the ladder near a Save Station. Go up the ladder and open the door on the right. Open the door on the left inside with the Plasma Torch.
  • Log #7: It’s a long trip now — go back to Seegson Synthetics in the SciMed Tower and work your way to Synthetic Storage. Take the ladder up inside the hall, then turn around to find an open room filled with killer gas. Now that you have the gasmask, walk inside and grab the log on the back wall.
  • Log #8: While you’re in the SciMed Tower, go to the Engineering section on the Maintenance Deck. In the Workshop, there’s a level three locked door in the back corner. Hack it open and you’ll find the Nostromo log inside.

Mission 17

  • Log #9: In the large second room of the mission, you’ll need to use the darkness to avoid the alien prowling around. In the center of the room, there’s a windowed control room — get there. Through the door along the right wall you can access the log.
  • Log #10: Leaving through the Departures zone and getting into the Passenger Lounge, go down the stairs on the left, then circle around to the side room on your right at the bottom of the steps. Torch open the switch cover near the door to get inside and grab the last Nostromo log.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Archivist (40 points / Silver):
    Collected all Nostromo logs

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