Aliens: Colonial Marines – Audio Log Locations Guide

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Posted on February 12, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Aliens: Colonial Marines – Audio Log Locations Guide

Find every audio log with our Aliens: Colonial Marines collectibles guide. Hidden throughout the eleven mission singleplayer campaign, players can uncover voice logs giving a little extra information on the backstory of this infested colony. If you listen carefully, you can even hear Newt’s voice in one of these recordings. Get an achievement (or trophy) and learn some history by finding all of the logs. Keep scrolling to find our guide.

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Audio Log Locations Guide

Mission 1

  • Audio Log #1: In the room where you first encounter the Lurker alien, check out the desk on your right for a glowing laptop. Interact to collect the first audio log.

Mission 2

  • Audio Log #1: After using the Power Loader to open the huge doors, you’ll have to navigate the alien egg infested room to reach a locked door. Before cutting open the door, check out the crate to the right to find the audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: Fighting through the ship, you’ll need to reach the Command Deck through the Engineering section. On your way through, you’ll enter an engineering room before getting to a large fusion generator. In the last of the engineering rooms, look right from the entrance to find the log.

Mission 4

  • Audio Log #1: After getting inside Hadley’s Hope, check out the first open room to your left. The laptop is on a desk inside.

Mission 6

  • Audio Log #1: While exploring the roofs, Bella will comment that she’s afraid of heights. Look down one of the ceiling openings and jump to the walkways below. Spin around and you should spot this hidden collectible.
  • Audio Log #2: Inside the facility, you’ll encounter an auto-turret protecting an Armory. After disabling the turret, explore the far end of the armory to find this collectible on a desk.
  • Audio Log #3: Moving on, you’ll have to shut down a second turret. Explore the hallway the turret was protecting and slice open the door to find another audio log inside.

Mission 7

  • Audio Log #1: While on the mission to rescue a captured marine, you’ll stumble into an operating room with the first Weyland-Yutani soldier ambush. Clear these enemies out, and look on one of the operating tables in the corner to find this log.
  • Audio Log #2: After dealing with an alarm-room, your AI teammates will stack up on a second alarm room. Before barging in, check out the operating room just before. You should be able to find a log inside.
  • Audio Log #3: After entering the Power Building interior, you’ll be on the objective to locate the Power Module and shut it down. Inside, simply follow your AI teammate to the third interior room. From here, you can access a smaller room containing this mission’s final log.

Mission 8

  • Audio Log #1: Down the first hall, look left for another room containing an offshoot office. The log is inside on a desk.
  • Audio Log #2: While on the search for the Derelict’s prisoner, you’ll cross catwalks. Inside the first of these buildings, look on a desk to find this log.

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