Aliens: Colonial Marines – Fire Drill Achievement Guide

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Posted on February 12, 2013, GameFront Staff Aliens: Colonial Marines – Fire Drill Achievement Guide

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Escape the Sulaco in record time with our Aliens: Colonial Marines achievement guide, right here. Taking a break from easter eggs, James is here to provide tip for this tough unlockable. Check out the video guide right here, or scroll down for some text tips.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Fire Drill (20 points / Bronze):
    Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls.

Fire Drill Achievement Guide

Level: Mission 3 – Sulaco Falls
  • To get started, play the mission until you reach an area where the player takes an elevator up. Ahead, you’ll run through a door and spot an escaped spaceship. This is where the timer starts.
  • Hit pause and restart checkpoint to reload right where the timer begins. From this point, you can complete the escape within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • We recommend you explore the area to find the ship, but restart before finishing so you can quickly complete the chapter.
  • At the checkpoint, run up the steps and enter the doorway to the right. Through the door, soldiers are waiting. Throw grenades randomly to kill a few guards, but mostly keep moving. Skip the encounter and run to the stairs on the left side of the hangar.
  • You might also want to lower the difficulty for this achievement.
  • Run all the way up the stairs to the control console at the top. Arm the emergency release then turn around and run across the catwalks. Take out the two soldiers, and make a right turn at the end of the walkway, following the path around a large control room on your left.
  • Past the control room windows, look right and take out two more soldiers as quickly as you can. Run to the stairs past them, then immediately turn around as new soldiers pour out of the control room door behind you.
  • Kill both soldiers, then run inside the control room. A brute is waiting, so save grenades to quickly take him down. Hack the console inside the room, near the windows, then grab the brute’s armor before leaving.
  • Now, run back to the steps you walked to that triggered the guards inside the control room. Further along this catwalk is a slowly extending bridge. While the bridge is extending, take some time to shoot down the soldiers below.
  • Once the container is in place, jump onto it and run to the last emergency release to arm it. Hopefully you’ll have 30 seconds or so left on the clock.
  • With the last release pulled, immediately jump down to the hangar floor and run to the dropship ramp. If you’re confident you’ve got time left, spend some time killing guards before running to the exposed ramp.
  • On the ramp, the achievement should appear. Congratulations if you succeeded, and goodluck if you’re about to try!

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